Vine Artist Turns Disney Classics Into Something New

Twitter Vine Artist is AWESOME

Twitter’s Vine service is still relatively new, but that doesn’t mean artists are not finding fun and unique ways to take advantage of the video-based service.

Twenty-seven-year-old Nick Mastodon took to the service this week to remix Disney classics in a new and inventive way.

Mastodon has been busily posting about five new vines per day, some of which take the unpaid artist upwards of an hour to complete.

Nick painstakingly takes the time to match up his Vines perfectly with the audio of his choosing, thus ensuring a good user experience.

We have to hand it to the Vine artist: We never would have though to attach Cruella DeVille to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” yet despite the odd pairing it actually works.

It was the Thrift ShopVine posting that brought Mastodon attention after it reached the app’s Popular section.

Over the last several weeks, Mastodon has continued to rack up thousands of followers while creating his Vines.

With Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” sung by Quazi Modo, how could users not fall in love with the artists’ quick clips.

Here are a few examples of Nick Mastodon’s Vine work:

And one last Vine creation for your viewing pleasure:

Okay, admittedly that last one is just Nick dressed as a teletubbie. He has also dressed as a lobster for Vine videos. It looks like, if this whole Disney thing doesn’t work out, he can still find work holding a sign outside of a tax refund office.

Have you been paying attention to the whole Twitter Vine movement? What creative Vines have you found since the service launched?