Wanted Man Wearing Wanted T-Shirt Gets Arrested


Most criminals with a warrant out for their arrest try to hid. Others, like this Taiwanese fugitive, throw on a shirt with “wanted” written on the front and go for a stroll through the city.

According to France 24, a Taiwanese fugitive identified only by his surname Wu was arrested by police after they noticed him wearing a “wanted” t-shirt.

Officers in Huwei started talking to man after they noticed his shirt and asked him to explain why he was wearing a shirt with the word “wanted” written across the front. The man, who doesn’t speak English, said that he had no idea what they were talking about and that the shirt was given to him by his son.

Still, police thought there was something off about the man and decided to run a background check. They soon found out that the man in the “wanted” t-shirt was actually a wanted man.

Police arrested Wu on drug abuse charges.

In related and completely inaccurate news, the head of the Taiwanese police force congratulated the officers on their keen eye but warned them to stop questioning people wearing “bikini inspector” t-shirts, to stop asking for “free mustache rides,” and not to be fooled by FBI Female Body Investigators.