Woman Pops Opponent’s Eyeball Out During Fight

A Texas woman popped her opponent’s eyeball out during a fight. Talicia Kiavonna Morrison, age 20, has been charged with aggravated assault.

Morrison and an acquaintance, Cherry Webster, were reportedly involved in a physical fight when Webster sustained major injury to her eyeball.

As reported by NY Daily News, Webster broke away from Morrison and discovered that her eyeball was no longer secured in the socket. Morrison reportedly fled as Webster called 911.

Authorities responding to the call found Webster, with her eyeball hanging out, in horrific pain. She stated that Morrison had “grabbed her face” and physically pulled her eyeball out of the socket.

Armed with a description of the vehicle, Austin police were able to track down and arrest the suspect. During questioning, Morrison admitted that she and Webster had fought but told officers she didn’t realize she had popped her eyeball out.

After further questioning, Morrison reportedly admitted that the eyeball could have popped out when she stuck her fingernail in Webster’s eye.

Webster, who was nearly hysterical, was reportedly sedated at the hospital so doctors could place her eyeball back into the socket. The procedure was successful, but doctors will closely monitor Webster for permanent damage.

Morrison may have been using a technique referred to as “eye gouging” that is sometimes used in street fighting. As discussed at AttackProof.com, the technique is usually thought to be a self-defense tactic.

The technique is suggested only in “immediate life or death situations” as it can cause serious and permanent damage. Alternately, it is cautioned that the move many only further anger an attacker.

Gouging someone’s eyeball can cause a surface scratch or hemorrhaging or, as in the case of Cherry Webster, the eyeball may pop out.

It is not clear whether Morrison used the technique as part of self-defense or if she was the aggressor in the situation. Authorities have stated that Webster will not face any criminal charges.

Morrison has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon in this case would be her fingernails, according to police. She is currently being held on $70,000 bond for popping her opponent’s eyeball out during the fight.

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