Texas Hottie Hope Beel Reveals Chiseled Abs At The Gym: ‘Will Train For Cinnamon Rolls’

Hope Beel poses for a selfie
Hope Beel / Instagram

Hope Beel gave her fans some major workout motivation when she posed in a sports bra and flashed her abs in her latest Instagram update. The Texas native shared the photo to her account on Monday.

In the snap, Hope’s chiseled abs stole the show as she rocked the black bra along with some skintight red leggings and a pair of black-and-white sneakers during a sweat session at the gym. The skimpy ensemble flaunted the model’s muscular arms, flat tummy, curvy hips, and lean legs.

In the caption of the photo, Hope revealed the photo was taken in Denver, Colorado, and that even though she has a hard body, she still has some major cravings. She even joked that she’ll train just so she can eat some cinnamon rolls.

Hope had her long, dark hair pulled up into a messy bun, but left a few strands out to frame her features. She sported a full face of makeup in the shot, which included defined eyebrows, long lashes, and black eyeliner. She completed the glam look with a shimmering highlighter on her face, pink blush on her cheeks, and a dark pink tint on her full lips.

She posed with her head tilted away from the camera with a sultry look on her face. In the background of the photo, tons of weights can be seen in the dark gym as a spotlight shines brightly on Hope.

Of course, many of Hope’s over 1.2 million followers made a point to share their love for the snap, clicking the like button more than 8,400 times and leaving nearly 90 comments within the first 10 hours after the photo went live on the network.

“Oh my… your caption is gold!!!!” one of Hope’s followers stated in the comments section.

“Yessss all of the Cinnabons,” another fan wrote.

“You are extremely beautiful,” a third social media user gushed.

“You look amazing! I miss living in Colorado where I’m originally from. It’s such a beautiful place with lots of different things to do, and see. Hope that you had an amazing weekend Hope,” a fourth comment read.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, just one day before her sports bra photo at the gym, the model set the pulses of her followers racing when she posed in a skimpy red bikini.

The ensemble flashed Hope Beel’s enviable curves and proved to be a popular upload among her fans. To date, the post has earned over 23,000 likes and more than 380 comments.