Kevin-Prince Boateng Gives United Nations Speech On Racism

Boateng Addresses UN

Kevin-Prince Boateng addressed the United Nations as part of the annual International Day for Eliminating Racism conference in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday.

The Milan midfielder made headlines around the world when he ordered his team-mates off the field after receiving racial abuse from some spectators in a club friendly against fourth-tier side Pro Patria in January.

The Ghanaian international received worldwide praise for his actions and today addressed the UN on what must be done to eradicate racism across the globe.

A portion of his speech reads:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the year 2013 and racism is still among us and is still a problem. It’s not simply an argument for the History Channel or something that belongs to the past or something that only happens in other countries. Racism is real, it exists here and now. You can find it on the streets, in your office and in football stadiums. It won’t go away by itself. We have a duty to face racism and to fight it. There is no vaccine to fight this and no antibiotics to take. It’s a dangerous and infectious virus which is strengthened by indifference and inaction.”

FIFA President Sepp Blatter originally criticized Boateng’s stance and insisted walking off the field was not the proper way to tackle racism in soccer stadiums.

Blatter’s comments caused an immediate backlash with many questioning whether the head of soccer’s governing body was tough enough on the subject of racism.

Former Arsenal and Inter midfielder Patrick Vieira also took part in the ‘Racism and Sport’ discussion and is no stranger to the scourge as he endured racist chanting during his glittering career as well.

Kevin-Prince Boateng is now scheduled to meet Sepp Blatter on Friday to discuss the best way of kicking racism out of the sport entirely.