Georgina Mazzeo Strikes A Pose In A Short Dress With A Plunging Neckline, Goes Braless Underneath

Georgina Mazzeo takes a selfie
Georgina Mazzeo / Instagram

Bang Energy girl Georgina Mazzeo posted two dazzling photos of herself modeling in an outfit by Revolve on Instagram, on Monday evening.

Georgina wore a short, long-sleeved brown dress with a plunging neckline and a simple string belt that cinched the outfit at the waist. The sleeves also contained drawstrings to tighten them, but the model left hers rather loose. It doesn’t appear that she wore a bra under her gown since her nipples were visible through the thin fabric. Her voluptuous cleavage was also on display, thanks to the revealing nature of her outfit.

The hemline of her gown only came down to mid-thigh, which was particularly noticeable in the second photo she shared where she turned sideways to give fans a view of her in profile. Had the dress ridden up any higher in the back, her panties would probably have become visible. As it stands, her chest was the most revealing aspect of the outfit, although she also flaunted her slender thighs.

Georgina’s silky brunette locks were straightened and left down. Her hair is long enough to reach down to the curve of her behind, as evidenced in her side-profile pose.

For her makeup, Georgina wore a shade of matte pink lipstick, shaded in her eyebrows, contoured her cheeks, and wore a small amount of eyeshadow and mascara to highlight her hazel eyes.

To accessorize, she chose a ring, bracelet, and two golden necklaces, one of which had a cross pendant that hung down into the valley of her breasts.

The stunner was photographed on an unnamed street in Miami, Florida, with a parking meter was visible in the background. Her pose in the first snapshot was simple — she stood in front of the camera, cocking her hip while smoldering into the lens. Georgina then posed more flirtatiously for the second still. As noted above, she turned sideways and looked back at the camera with a playful gleam in her gorgeous eyes.

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She said ???? @revolve

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It took less than an hour for Georgina to gain more than 36,000 likes and over 300 comments. Several fans simply left emoji in the comments section, including hearts and flames.

“Kitty,” wrote fellow Bang Energy girl Nina Serebrova, in reference to the emoji Georgina added to her caption.

“Your eyes are Spectacular,” wrote one kind fan.

“[S]tunning and beautiful curves..beautiful,” complimented a second user.

Last week, The Inquisitr reported that Georgina shoved off more of her immaculate physical shape by modeling a tiny gray crochet bikini.