Donald Trump Is A Serious 'Drug Addict' And Is Degenerating Quickly, According To Former 'Apprentice' Staffer

Noel Casler worked with Donald Trump on The Apprentice, and the comedian has something to say about his experience with the man who is now president of the United States. According to Casler, Trump was a known drug user during his Apprentice years, and the comedian says that the president is so dependent on drugs at this point that he can hardly function.

Per a recent Twitter post, Casler spoke with Dave Kaufman on CJAD for a radio interview in which he weighed in on everything from Trump's alleged drug use and sexual assault to Ivanka Trump, who Casler says is the "brains behind the operation."

"He's not a functioning human being. He barely works," Casler said, echoing some of the complaints from Democrats that Trump spends too much time golfing or hanging out at his Florida resort.

But Casler thinks that it isn't just a lack of work ethic that drives the president. In his opinion, Trump is struggling with drug issues.

"He doesn't even leave the residency anymore. When he took office, he wouldn't come down to the Oval Office until noon. And they started calling it executive time," he said.

But Casler says that he doesn't buy the excuse.

"I know what that's about. He's a 73-year-old drug addict. It takes him three hours to get going in the morning. Now he has degenerated to the point where he doesn't leave the residence. He's taking most of those meetings when he's at the White House in his private quarters," Casler claimed.

Some psychiatrists and neurologists have claimed that Trump is suffering from some sort of cognitive decline, as The Inquisitr previously reported, though none have pointed to drug use as the cause for the perceived psychological decline.

It's not the first time that Casler has claimed Trump is a drug addict. Earlier this year, he claimed that Trump was addicted to Adderall, which he allegedly crushed and snorted, and ate Sudafed "like candy" after an image surfaced showing Trump's office drawer full of European Sudafed. Tom Arnold echoed the claim in 2018, according to Newsweek.

The image was subsequently debunked on the argument that the particular kind of Sudafed in the image doesn't contain the type of chemical that causes the high that some abusers seek.

But Casler maintains that he believes Trump is abusing drugs, though he didn't specify which ones he believes the president is taking.

Casler has taken heat for his claims, which haven't been substantiated.