Get To Know Victoria Fuller From Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' Journey

Early The Bachelor spoilers tease that contestant Victoria Fuller will be generating a lot of buzz throughout Peter Weber's season. Viewers will get to meet Victoria during Monday night's premiere and it sounds as if she will definitely be one to keep an eye on as Peter looks for love.

Victoria's ABC profile notes that she is a 25-year-old medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She's apparently lived in Virginia her entire life and according to Marie Claire, she graduated college in 2015, earning a degree in economics from Old Dominion University.

While Victoria's profile for The Bachelor details her career as being connected to medical sales, it seems that she was working part-time at a yoga studio before filming Peter's season. She also seemingly had both substitute teacher and recruiter listed as occupations on what appears to be a since-deleted LinkedIn page.

The Bachelor spoilers from blogger Reality Steve have teased that Victoria's past and background will play a significant role in this new season, but it's not her schooling or employment that is pertinent. Rather, Victoria's dating past apparently influences some of what happens as she builds a romance with Peter.

Reality Steve has shared that a former flame of Victoria's ends up involved in a one-on-one date she has with Peter. His involvement is a first for the franchise. Apparently, Victoria was with country singer Chase Rice for a bit before filming The Bachelor and Chase is brought in to perform for Victoria and Peter's date.

Reality Steve's spoilers have also detailed that there are other bits of drama connected to Victoria that impact Peter's season and that she will be around for a while. In fact, The Bachelor teasers indicate that this contestant will be involved in another franchise-first later in Peter's journey.

In terms of Victoria's personal life, her ABC profile notes that she has a dog named Buxton and he is featured prominently on her Instagram page. This Bachelor contestant says she wants to find a man who can give both her and Buxton unconditional love, noting that they are a package deal.

Victoria also says she is looking for a guy who can express himself verbally, is in touch with his emotions, and isn't afraid to cry in public.

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Peter and Victoria definitely have a fair amount of chemistry between them and it sounds as if she will give off a different vibe compared to some of his other potential frontrunners. At the same time, she is reportedly in the middle of quite a bit of drama and it sounds like fans should brace themselves for a wild ride where this contestant is concerned.