Lindsay Lohan Might Go To Jail After All, Rehab Could Be Impossible

Lindsay Lohan jail time

Lindsay Lohan might end up serving a sentence in jail rather than rehab. A minor loophole may make it impossible for Lohan to complete a sober living program under the judge’s orders.

Lohan was given a sentence that includes 90 days in locked-down rehab instead of jail time, but TMZ reports that there isn’t a single rehab clinic in the state of New York that forces its patients to be locked in. The judge specifically ordered Lohan be locked in, so it might be impossible for her to complete a rehab program per her sentence.

That kind of leaves jail as Lohan’s only alternative.

According to law enforcement sources, Lohan’s laywer, Mark Heller, originally suggested the plea bargain to prosecutors which changes LiLo’s jail time into a rehab turn. The basis of her rehab includes New York rehab clinics with guards who prevent patients from leaving said facility.

An official from the organization in charge of New York’s rehab facilities says that such an option simply does not exist.

“The sentence was actually 90 days in custody, and lockdown rehab would satisfy that,” said a source. “If there’s no such thing, then she’ll go to jail for 90 days.”

Prosecutors in the case are now checking Heller’s representation to ensure its accuracy.

Lohan reportedly wants to complete her rehab in New York because “she considers New York her home now” as she’s less likely to be a target of paparazzi in the Big Apple than in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress doesn’t seem especially perturbed about the prospect of rehab. She was spotted trying to enter a Hollywood nightclub on Monday, mere hours after her sentence came down. Because of the paparazzi, she wasn’t able to make it through the door.

On Twitter the next day, Lohan denied that she was even at the Hollywood nightclub.

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