NeNe Leakes Denies Body-Shaming 'RHOA' Co-Star Porsha Williams, Says She Was 'Fat Before' Her Pregnancy

NeNe Leakes has opened up about the accusations she received after commenting on co-star Porsha Williams' body.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG cast member caught flack on social media after she made comments about Williams' figure during Season 11 of the show. At the time, Williams was pregnant with her and fiance Dennis McKinley's first child, Pilar Jhena.

According to People, Leakes made headlines in March of 2019 after Williams took a screenshot of a conversation between her and Leakes. In the conversation, Leakes made several rude comments toward her co-star, including calling her a "hungry b*tch" and a "big piggy with the busted shape."

The comments were a topic of conversation on the most recent episode of RHOA, which aired on Sunday, January 5. In the episode, Leakes denies ever body-shaming Williams. She said that the comments had nothing to do with Williams' body when she was carrying her daughter, and that the former Glee actress was referring to Williams' pre-pregnancy body during their argument.

"[Porsha] went into all this fat-shaming and all this stuff. I'm like, no it wasn't," Leakes recalled of Williams. "You were fat before you got pregnant. I'm saying...," Leakes said during the episode.

Leakes also addressed the fact that the public knew of the comments that she wrote to Williams. While Williams quickly deleted the screenshots after posting them, she currently has 5.1 million Instagram followers, and the texts from Leakes were soon shown on multiple media outlets.

In the episode, Leakes compared Williams' actions to "revenge porn" and said that she invaded her privacy by showing their private conversation to her fans.

"I take stuff personally," Leakes said on Sunday's episode. "She took the text and put it on social media. It's sorta like you shared some nude pictures with your husband, he gets mad at you and puts them on social media. Those pictures are for his eyes only. Me and her texting was a personal thing."

Williams shared her side of the story on the episode as well. Like Leakes, Williams felt that the argument went too far. She also shared that Leakes later served her with a cease and desist order after the messages surfaced. She said that she took the comments personally because, at the time, she was navigating the changes her body made while she was pregnant. The mother has also expressed how the changes in her body have affected her on social media.

Although the ladies were in an argument back in March, they seem to be on good terms now. Williams gave a shout out to Leakes for her birthday back in December, 2019, and referred to her as her "big sis."