Kara Del Toro Flaunts Tanned Bod In Light Orange Bikini

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Kara Del Toro posted a new photo set on Instagram Sunday that likely caught many of her fans’ attention. She was seen rocking a light orange bikini, which popped against her tanned bod.

The swimsuit had bejeweled accents throughout. This included the straps on her top. There were three ovals in different sizes that decorated the front of her chest. Meanwhile, similar accents could be seen on the sides of her hips. The bikini left her cleavage on full display, and her abs looked toned.

Kara was seen posing on an outdoor seat. She was in front of a blank, textured wall with a green plant visible to her right. In the first shot, the stunner sat up and bent her right knee in front. She placed her hands on top of her foot, and glanced up at the camera with a flirty expression on her face.

She wore her hair down in luxurious curls, with some of it brushed in front of the right side of her face. Kara’s makeup included dark blush, along with a deep red shade of lipstick.

The second photo showed the bombshell striking a slightly different pose. She placed her right foot on the ground and bent her left knee this time. Kara looked to her right and placed her hand on her knee. This angle emphasized her profile, with her upper cheeks looking especially glowing.

The model opted to keep things simple as far as accessories, as she wasn’t seen sporting any.

The images were taken on a very sunny day and were geotagged in Los Angeles.

Fans rushed to the comments section to compliment the beauty.

“You are unreal I can’t,” gushed a follower.

“@karajewelll you are UnReal…you are absolutely PERFECT and your body is literally AMAZING!!!you are the most beautiful woman Alive,” raved an admirer.

“Amazing pics, gorgeous,” wrote a fan.

“Nothing better than summer in January,” agreed a fourth Instagram user, who referred to the captions.

In addition, the sensation shared another bikini pic on December 27. Kara noted that the photo was a Polaroid. She sported a fuzzy, light gray bikini. The top had thick straps, and the bottoms had a basic cut. The model smiled while looking straight at the camera. She brushed most of her hair over her left shoulder.

Kara also popped her right hip. She accessorized with a bracelet but nothing else. It didn’t look like she was wearing any makeup.