Cindy Prado Rocks A Tassel Bikini On Instagram

Cindy Prado takes a selfie.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

Cindy Prado shared a new photo set on her Instagram page today. She was seen sporting a white tassel bikini.

The first photo was arguably the most revealing. It showed the model posing with her back facing the camera. Her thong bikini bottoms popped against her tan skin as she flaunted her bare derriere. Cindy held onto a tree with her left hand and her hair was seen flying in the air.

The second through fourth images showed off more of the outfit, with the beauty facing the camera. The swimsuit had light brown accents, along with brown beading on the tassels. The side ties on the bottoms were extra-long and fell down her upper thighs.

Cindy accessorized with an especially chunky collar-style necklace. It featured puka shells of varying sizes and what appeared to be bone.

Meanwhile, the model wore her hair down in a casual side part, with her locks falling down the right side of her face. The third photo, for example, was of Cindy standing with her elbows extended to her sides. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the left. The last photo was very similar, except the blonde glanced straight at the camera with a coy expression on her face.

The remaining picture was of Cindy from head-to-toe. She was seen standing on a sandy beach, with hut structures visible behind her. She popped her right foot and looked down at the ground. Her hair blew behind her slightly.

These photos were taken on a sunny day, although the model was seen posing in the shadows.

The geotag revealed that she was at the Alayna Hotel and Retreats. Other previous photos also revealed that she is in Tulum.

Fans headed to the comments section to send their compliments. This included fellow social media models.

“Unreal,” gushed Pauline Tantot.

“Can I have your body?” wondered Ayla Woodruff.

Your body makes me believe in aliens.

“Awesome beauty… Perfect body!!!” exclaimed a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Cindy posted another update earlier today that showed her rocking another bikini. She was seen in an orange ensemble with leopard-print trim. There were five pictures in total and showed the stunner posing in front of a hut. In one shot, the model straddled a wooden bench and threw her head back into the air. In another, she stood closer towards the camera. She popped her left knee and looked into the distance to her right.