Wojciech Szczesny Apologizes For Father’s Rant Against Arsene Wenger

Szczesny sorry for father's remarks

Wojciech Szczesny apologized on Thursday after his father blasted Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger over the treatment of his son.

Maciej Szczesny was not pleased with Wenger’s recent decision to drop the Polish goalkeeper from the starting lineup and made his feelings known with a pointed attack on the Frenchman.

The elder Szczesny blamed the Arsenal manager for his son’s loss of form and believes Wenger is looking for someone to blame for the team’s failings this season.

“Wenger already started to look for a scapegoat,” he said. “It’s not the way a boss should behave. In my opinion Wenger messed up a lot in April and May. His current lack of form is a result of these two months.”

His words spread rapidly like wildfire in the English press causing Wojciech to issue an apology from the Polish national team’s camp where he is preparing for a match against Ukraine in Warsaw.

The 22 year old did his best to distance himself from his father’s comments and insisted that he does not feel the same way as his dad about his demotion to the bench.


A statement released on the keeper’s behalf read:

“I would like to apologize for the comments made by my father which have been used by both Polish and English media. I’d like to make it clear that those were the views and opinions of my father and although I respect his views I cannot accept them as I find them disrespectful to the club I truly love. I have been at the the club for seven years and I have always shown my full respect to the club, Arsene Wenger, my team-mates and the fans.”

Wojciech Szczesny’s apology will hopefully diffuse the situation, as Arsenal do not need any distractions in its quest to catch Tottenham in the race for fourth spot in the English Premier League.