Jessa Duggar Explains Why Her Husband Ben Seewald Is ‘Mr. Adventurous’

Jessa thanked Ben for encouraging her to try new things.

Ben Seewald and wife Jessa pose for a selfie.
Jessa Seewald / Instagram

Jessa thanked Ben for encouraging her to try new things.

Jessa Duggar gave her husband the nickname “Mr. Adventurous” in her latest Instagram post. The Counting On star explained why he’s deserving of this title by revealing how she and Ben differ when it comes to eating out.

Jessa’s post included a photo of Ben that was taken inside a restaurant. The Duggar husband was pictured wearing a gray sweater over a white checkered dress shirt and a maroon tie with thin white stripes. Ben was sporting some facial scruff. His short brown hair was parted to the side and slicked down with product.

Ben was smiling at the camera, and he had his hands placed on the table. A bottle of mango-flavored aloe vera juice was sitting in front of him. Someone had clearly been drinking it, and the caption of Jessa’s post pointed to Ben as the likely aloe vera juice fan.

Jessa revealed that Ben likes to try new things whenever the couple goes out to eat, while she’s more of “a creature of habit.” However, her husband often convinces her to sample what he orders, and she’s usually pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoys the food that she otherwise would never try.

At the end of her post, Jessa let Ben know that she appreciates his efforts to get her to “branch out beyond French fries and vanilla ice cream.”

Jessa’s post has received more than 36,000 likes so far, so her Instagram followers clearly also appreciate Ben for being an adventurous eater. Jessa’s brother-in-law, Jeremy Vuolo, seemed to find her post amusing.

“What a guy, that Ben Seewald!” Jeremy quipped.

Jessa’s post also sparked a discussion about other couples’ eating habits. In the comments section, one fan remarked that she and her husband sometimes pick out meals for each other, and Jessa endorsed this idea. She also revealed that she likes to ask Ben to choose her food.

“I often ask him to order for me and surprise me. It’s really helped me get outside of my box,” Jessa wrote.

“Or if I’m not feeling super adventurous to have an entirely new meal of my own, I’ll at least try a bite of his.”

Many of Jessa’s followers skipped the discussion about food and commented on how good-looking they think Ben is.

“Such a handsome kind heart man you married. God has blessed you,” wrote one fan.

“You should call him Mr. Handsome, Jessa! He looks quite dapper in that pic!” another admirer remarked.

This isn’t the only appreciation post about Ben that Jessa has shared on Instagram. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she praised him for being an excellent father to the couple’s 7-month-old daughter, Ivy Jane, in a sweet post that she uploaded last month. Jessa also revealed a different nickname for her husband: “Ben-Gem-in.”