Lizzo Twerks On Plane Alongside Fellow Passengers

Known for her self confidence, Lizzo was recently pictured twerking alongside her friends and fellow passengers as she took a private jet to Las Vegas, Nevada. The hit singer was sporting a purple jumpsuit, some sunglasses, and big hoop earrings for the flight. She smiling and laughing while dancing around to Juvenile's very fitting tune, "Back That Azz Up," according to People.

Lizzo took the trip with a group of her friends to ring in 2020. They enjoyed some champagne and arrived in Las Vegas in style. Once she arrived, it wasn't all relaxing and partying for the up-and-coming star. She made a much anticipated performance at the Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas. She changed out of her jumpsuit for the festivities and showed off some skin in a black sequined mini dress and sparkly high heels. She wore her curly hair up on top of her head and finished off the look with some dangling earrings.

Lizzo had every reason to celebrate as 2019 came to a close. This truly was her year, as really managed to make it as an artist with her energetic and uplifting chart-topping hits.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the star recently paused to take a look back not only on the past year but on the past decade. The beginning of 2020 comes with the conclusion of a decade that had many ups and downs for her. Lizzo, perhaps more than many stars, understands just how much can change in a matter of ten years.

Lizzo didn't come into fame overnight. Rather, it took years of hard work and plenty of tough times before her career took off. In a post on Twitter, she discussed some of the peaks and valleys in her life over the past decade. She also encouraged her fans not to give up seeking their dreams.

"2009 was the year my daddy died. 2009 was the year I lived in my car and cried myself to sleep on Thanksgiving. 2019 is the year my album & song went #1. 2019 is the year I told my mama I can buy her a house. Anything can happen in a decade. Tomorrow is the beginning of your anything."
In a different post on Instagram, Lizzo spoke of promoting love in the darkness that is occurring with all the hate that is broadcast through the news.
"Every act of love is an act of defiance to hate. How will you love today?"