Carson Wentz Injury Update: Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Down After Suffering Head Injury, May Not Return

Carson Wentz in an NFL game.
Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

Carson Wentz was knocked out of the team’s wild card game against the Seattle Seahawks and may be in danger of remaining in the locker room for the remainder of the game.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback appeared to be injured after being brought to the ground by Seahawks defender Jadeveon Clowney in the second quarter of Sunday’s game. It appeared that Clowney’s helmet struck the back of Wentz’s helmet, and the quarterback’s head was driven into the ground as well. He was attended to by the team’s medical staff after the play and was taken to the sidelines.

Wentz was put into the league-mandated concussion protocol after the hit. He is considered questionable to return, the Eagles noted on Twitter after Wentz went to the locker room.

But the prospect of Wentz returning to the game may not be good. David J. Chao, a former team doctor for the Los Angeles Chargers, who now evaluates injuries on Twitter, noted that Wentz did not appear to pass the initial concussion protocol tests and had to be sent to the locker room for further evaluation.

“Ominous as he had a pit stop in blue tent first so he obviously did not pass the initial screening for head injury. Doesn’t guarantee that he is ruled out but worrisome,” Chao wrote on Twitter, adding, “The point being the chances of return go down if the tests in the blue tent aren’t passed. Certainly not and absolute rule out though, just less likely return.”

With Wentz out, the Eagles turned to 40-year-old backup Josh McCown, who saw limited action this year behind Wentz. After starting three games with the New York Jets last season, McCown appeared in limited action in just three games this season. He threw five passes on the year, connecting on three for a total of 24 yards.

Wentz has struggled with injuries in recent years, including an ACL tear that ended his season in 2017. With Wentz out, the team rallied behind quarterback Nick Foles, who led Philadelphia to their first Super Bowl title. Wentz had an injury-shortered 2018 as well after suffering a back injury.

That appeared to turn around this season, when Wentz was able to start all 16 games in leading the Eagles to the NFC East title. Sunday marked the first home playoff game for Wentz in his career, though he ended up in the locker room before halftime.

There could be more consequences for the hit beyond the injury to Wentz, noted. It appeared that Clowney led with his helmet on the play, meaning he could face a potential fine or suspension from the NFL when it evaluates the hit this week.

“It’s not clear if Wentz sustained a potential concussion on that particular hit, but it seems likely, given the nature of the hit — which could very well result in a fine for Clowney,” the report noted.

It was not clear yet how long Wentz could be out with the head injury, or if he was formally diagnosed with a concussion.