Beyonce Is Reportedly Active At Daughter Blue Ivy's School, Sources Say

Beyonce reportedly doesn't let her superstar status affect her ability to be a supportive mother to her children.

According to Hollywood Life, the multitalented star makes sure that she is available as much as possible for her daughter, Blue Ivy, 7, as she navigates through school. The celebrity tot reportedly attends a Los Angeles private school and is in the second grade. The outlet reported that Bey makes sure that she is as present and active as possible, no matter where her hectic schedule may pull her during the school year.

"Beyoncé is a very hands-on mom. She never misses a school meeting or function for Blue. She's very involved and doesn't rely heavily on nannies when it comes to all things school," a source close to Beyonce shared.

"She volunteers and helps out just like everyone else. Everyone treats her like every other mom and she always says yes to helping out at school or in the classroom. You can tell she does not want to be treated any differently just because she's famous."
In addition to making sure that Blue is supported and has someone by her side for school functions, Beyonce also reportedly makes sure that her daughter is also grounded at school. The celebrity tot is reportedly not allowing her or her parents' fame to ostracize her from her classmates. The source further shared that Blue is outgoing at school and has a plethora of friends. Blue's school community also enjoys interacting with both Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z.

"Beyoncé and (husband) JAY-Z are very friendly with other parents at the school, too. They really are just a normal family," the source added.

While the Carters try to maintain a healthy and normal life for their children, they are aware of their stardom and bask in it from time to time. Beyonce and Jay-Z recently took Blue with them as they celebrated New Year's Eve with a star-studded bash. The party included artists like Megan Thee Stallion, who snapped a photo with Bey and Blue. Blue looked absolutely stunning in the photo, as Beyonce styled her hair straight for the bash.In addition to going to celebrity parties on her holiday break, Blue has also been on both of her parents' albums on several occasions. She was also featured in Beyonce's documentary, Homecoming, which premiered in April 2019. The little girl was seen leading Beyonce's dancers as the Grammy winner prepared for her historic Coachella performance.