Miranda Lambert Shares A Video Of Husband Brendan McLoughlin Cooking Shirtless, And Her Fans Are In Love

Jason KempinGetty Images

Miranda Lambert showed her fans that her husband Brendan McLoughlin is the complete package in an Instagram video that she uploaded on Friday.

At the beginning of the cute candid clip, Miranda, 36, was hiding around a corner where Brendan, 29, couldn’t see her. The “Way Too Pretty for Prison” singer had her phone in hand, and she crept up on the NYPD cop while he was preoccupied with what he was doing.

Brendan was busy cooking in the kitchen. He was rocking a pair of athletic pants, but he was staying cool by the hot stove by going shirtless. Miranda filmed her muscular man as he held a glass dish in one hand. Brendan appeared to be looking for something among the various cooking ingredients and implements that were scattered on the kitchen island and the counter behind him.

Brendan was singing along as the 1987 Guns N’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” blared in the background. When Miranda got near him, he was picking up a spatula. He didn’t seem to immediately notice that she was recording his performance, and he abruptly stopped singing when he realized he was being filmed. The slightly embarrassed cook laughed as he looked down at the dish full of ground beef he was holding.

In the caption that accompanied her entertaining home video, Miranda wished her followers a happy 2020. She joked that she was shamelessly using her shirtless husband to promote her “Wildcard” tour with Lanco and Cody Johnson, which kicks off on January 16 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Miranda also expressed disbelief over Brendan’s fit physique, revealing that the couple had scarfed down “a ton of Tex Mex” while visiting Texas over the holidays.

Miranda turned her police officer husband into a social media sensation by catching him singing in the kitchen. So far, her video of Brendan proving that he’s multi-talented has been liked over 195,000 times.

“Love the video, the kitchen & the man cooking is fine too! So happy for you!” read one response to Miranda’s video.

“How many times can I watch this just to drool over that kitchen and his abs before being blocked by Instagram or @mirandalambert,” another fan wrote.

“Love me a man that knows his way around the kitchen!” a third admirer remarked.

“I could watch this a million times. Get it @mirandalambert,” commented a fourth fan.

This isn’t the first video of Brendan cooking that Miranda has shared with her Instagram followers. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she uploaded a video of herself and Brendan making fried chicken last August. The couple had been married a little over half a year at the time, and an internet troll responded to the video by writing that “it won’t last,” obviously in reference to their marriage. However, Miranda hilariously clapped back by writing that the troll was right; she and Brendan were “gonna eat every piece” of the chicken that they were frying.