WWE News: Liv Morgan Shares Photo And Video Of Her And Lana

Liv Morgan interrupts Lana's wedding

Liv Morgan shocked the world on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw when she returned to interrupt Lana and Bobby Lashley’s romantic wedding ceremony. During the segment, Morgan declared her love for Lana, while also suggesting that the pair were an item. Over the weekend, Morgan shared some evidence that backs up her claims, at least when it comes to the current WWE storyline.

In one photo, which Morgan shared on Twitter, the two superstars are pouting for the camera, looking as if they’re about to kiss each other.

Afterward, Morgan also tweeted out a video of the pair on a car ride together, as they messed around with camera filters and bragged about Lana’s Star Wars shirt. The video was seemingly addressed to fans, however, as the duo appears to be asking people to attend a show.

The photo and video are fairly innocent, but if the trajectory of this storyline is anything to go by, it’s highly likely that there’s more to come from Morgan. WWE has found new ways to get fans talking about the affair angle for weeks — which started off with Lana simply cheating on Rusev with Lashley, only for the latest development to throw an unexpected spanner into the works on the red brand’s recent show.


— LIV Morgan (@YaOnlyLivvOnce) January 5, 2020

Morgan’s photo and video are the latest in a batch she’s made available to the world. As documented by Sportskeeda, she shared some earlier this week as well. Those photos date as far back as 2017, and Rusev can be seen lurking in the background in one of them.

While there’s no telling what WWE is planning with this storyline moving forward, the photo with Rusev suggests that another unexpected turn is about to take place involving “The Bulgarian Brute.” Perhaps he knew about his ex-wife and Morgan’s alleged storyline affair all along? Maybe he was a part of it? Fans will need to tune into the next Monday Night Raw for more answers.

The storyline has been polarizing to say the least, but the superstars involved appear to be enjoying themselves. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, Rusev addressed critics of the angle and suggested that they try to focus on the positives in other aspects of the product if they aren’t fans of it.

The storyline has been so divisive that it’s even led to its participants receiving death threats, which suggests some people find it very offensive, which in turn means it must be effective.