WWE News: Ember Moon Shares Photo Of Surprising New Look On Twitter

Ember Moon kicks Bayley

WWE superstar Ember Moon is currently out of action with an Achilles tendon injury, but she appears to have reinvented herself during her hiatus from television. This weekend, the superstar took to Twitter to share a photo of her new look, and fans were surprised to find her sporting a different hairstyle.

In recent months, Moon has had blue and purple tints in her hair. Prior to those colors, she sported red hair and braids for most of 2019. For her latest hairstyle, however, the superstar opted for a more common brown color, but her accompanying caption suggests that it’s only temporary as she wants to find a style that she hasn’t tried before.

Of course, some of Moon’s 351,000 followers were more than happy to offer their suggestions. One user recommended that she try “sunset or fire orange,” while another proposed that she try a “purple and silver” combination.

The overall consensus among the commenters, however, is that she looks great with her current style and they can’t wait to see her back on WWE television.

The photo was shared from a Reality of Wrestling event, which is the company Booker T owns. The 31-year-old superstar has been keeping busy during her recovery period, as she’s also been working as a coach at the XCW Wrestling Dojo.

Perhaps the new look is Moon’s way of preparing for a return. Given that she’s been out of action since November, it wouldn’t be surprising if she wants to make a huge impact upon her imminent return, and a change in appearance is a great way of making a fresh impression on the WWE Universe. The Royal Rumble is on the horizon, which is a perfect pay-per-view for reintroducing absent performers to the world.

Of course, Moon hasn’t given an update on whether she’s been cleared to return. At the time of writing, any talk of her making a comeback is purely speculation. Back in November, she simply announced that her injury would keep her out “indefinitely,” which tends to mean a long-term absence from the squared circle.

Moon hasn’t found momentum on the main roster yet, but she was involved in a SmackDown Women’s Championship feud with Bayley in the lead up to last year’s SummerSlam. Many fans believe that she deserves better, but she’s one of many women on the roster who has been forced to take a backseat while others have received opportunities ahead of her.