WWE News: Former Diva Reveals How Vince McMahon ‘Laughed Hysterically’ Following Epic Botch

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Former WWE superstar Kaitlyn recently spoke to the Ring the Belle YouTube channel where she recalled an incident that saw her accidentally win a Battle Royale match in 2012, which made her the number one contender for the Divas Championship.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, Kaitlyn revealed that she wasn’t supposed to win the match. Furthermore, she feared that the botch would result in career-ending consequences, which is why she was surprised when she arrived backstage afterward and found Vince McMahon in an upbeat mood about the situation.

“I legit thought that when I walked back through the curtain that I was going to be fired. That was right on the cusp of the Divas getting more opportunities, so I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve f*cked everything up.’ I walked back and Vince is laughing hysterically. I was like, ‘Is it an evil laugh, or…?!'”

The match was supposed to have been won by Eve Torres. However, Kaitlyn hit her with a clothesline that was so powerful, Torres ended up toppling over the top rope and falling to the ground below. Layla, who was the Divas Champion at the time, was shocked following the incident as well, as she was expecting to defend her title against Torres.

According to Kaitlyn, she was encouraged to make the most of the situation. The superstar went on to enjoy a lot of success in WWE as a result, so the botch didn’t hurt her career in the long run.

“There were a lot of people who thought I didn’t deserve it because I was still so new, I hadn’t proved myself, but there was also a lot of people that were like, ‘Congratulations, this is your opportunity. Take it.'”

Kaitlyn won the Divas Championship from Torres on the 20th anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw in 2013, and subsequently went on to have a memorable feud with AJ Lee.

Kaitlyn retired from in-ring competition in 2014 to focus on her marriage and her clothing line, but she has made some sporadic appearances since then. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she competed in last year’s Mae Young Classic Tournament, where she was eliminated in the second round.

At the time of this writing, the former superstar is only 33-years-old, so she could still return to the squared circle on a full-time basis in the near future. She was a big part of women’s wrestling gaining credibility in WWE, and it would be interesting to see her mix it up with the performers that followed in her wake.