The Original Name Of Kanye West’s Album ‘Yeezus’ Was ‘Thank God For Drugs’

Kanye West's former art director revealed the shocking original name of the 'Yeezus' album.

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Kanye West's former art director revealed the shocking original name of the 'Yeezus' album.

Rapper Kanye West’s popular album Yeezus dropped in 2013, featuring hits like “Black Skinhead” and “Guilt Trip.” What many fans didn’t know was that the album almost had a very different title. Joe Perez, West’s former art director, recently shocked fans by revealing that the original title of the album was Thank God for Drugs, according to Tone Deaf.

Much of the album Yeezus focuses on the theme of God, but it’s a very different look at God than what West promotes today. Rather than worshiping God as he does on his newest album (Jesus Is King), in Yeezus, West gives himself the power and conveys himself as a type of god. Even the album name itself is a combination of West’s nickname Yeezy and Jesus. Thus, if he had decided to stick with the original shocking title, the trajectory of the album could have been a lot different.

In addition to a different title, Yeezus also had another album cover in the beginning. Perez, a graphic designer, shared a few of the original designs of the album cover to his Instagram page. The original design featured a CD in a simple clear case. The words “Thank God for Drugs” are scrawled across the top in blue handwritten letters.

In the comments section of Perez’s post, West fans gave their opinion on the original design and album title. Most could agree that West probably made the right decision in not sticking with the first idea.

“Yeezus was a much better choice,” one person wrote.

Today of course, West’s music takes a much different focus and could even be considered a different genre. Jesus Is King has been defined as gospel rap and consists of worship music that also touches upon political issues.

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West recently celebrated his one-year anniversary of the forming of his Sunday Service choir. He chose Skid Row in Los Angeles as the location of the celebration. It was there that West explained to the crowds gathered that the Sunday Service saved him from a very dark place in life and helped him turn away from addiction, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“A lot of times people say, ‘Thank you Ye for Sunday Service.’ I’m saying thank God. This thing saved my life. This thing was an alternative to opioids. This thing was an alternative to pornography,” he said.

West has not yet publicly spoken about Perez having revealed behind-the-scenes secrets from the Yeezus era.