Christie Brinkley Shows Off Her Gray Roots While Rocking A Bikini

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Christie Brinkley has been flooding her Instagram page with sizzling bikini photos as she kicks off the New Year. However, in her latest swimsuit snap, she wanted her fans to focus on something else: the natural gray roots of her famous blond mane.

On Sunday, the 65-year-old stunner shared a photo that was snapped inside a closet full of colorful sundresses. Christie was pictured wearing a stylish and sophisticated bikini that included a dark blue classic triangle top. The garment featured a large tropical floral print in white. The bottoms of Christie’s two-piece looked black. They had a high waist, low-cut leg openings, and a thick tie in the front. Christie was also wearing a sheer white sarong, which was tied tightly around her shapely hips.

For her beauty look, Christie sported minimal eye makeup, but her baby blues still popped. She had a light application of peach blush on her high cheekbones, and her lips were a matte berry pink.

The iconic Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model was wearing her long, blond hair pulled back in a tight, low ponytail. An inch or two of her gray roots were visible. In the caption of her post, Christie revealed that it’s been over three weeks since she had her hair colored. She was scheduled for a dye job before she left for her long New Year’s vacation in Turks and Caicos, but she decided to “go easy” on her hair and have it done after she returned from her trip.

According to Christie, she was shocked to see how silver her “nature’s highlights” were after letting them grow out, but this doesn’t mean that she’s ready to get rid of them. Her vacation is coming to an end, which means that she’s about to get back to work. She’s scheduled to appear on QVC later this week, and she asked her Instagram followers whether they think she should leave her roots gray for the appearance or get them touched up.

In response to her post, Christie’s 21-year-old daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, called her a “silver FOX.” However, the model’s 574,000 Instagram followers couldn’t seem to agree on whether Christie should leave the silver or go back to gold.

“Embrace the silver. Your real beauty is inside and it’s always been and continues to be reflected outwardly. #StillStunning #Icon,” wrote one fan.

“Gold… however your personality, grace, beauty and smile are the focal point of all you are and your hair color melts into the background,” read another response to her post.

“Sprinkle in some gold. But keep the silver,” suggested a third fan.

“I like the gold better with your skin tone but I definitely love the natural hair on you as well. You are a beauty and can definitely get away with anything,” a fourth admirer wrote.

Fans will find out what choice Christie made when she appears on the QVC channel on Wednesday to promote her Bellissima Prosecco.