Kim Kardashian Deposition Finally Happens, She Says Love For Kris Humphries Was Real

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Deposition

After months of back and forth, scheduling conflicts, and various other issues, Kim Kardashian’s deposition in her divorce to Kris Humphries has finally happened.

According to sources close to the reality TV star, she claimed in her testimony that she really did love Kris when they exchanged vows.

During the deposition, Kris Humphries‘ lawyers asked Kim questions that would prove she defrauded Kris simply to boost rating for her reality show. According to the source, it didn’t appear as if Kris’ people had enough information to request an annulment.

The deposition happened at the office of Laura Wasser, Kim Kardashian’s powerhouse attorney.

The entire process took nine hours to complete and surprisingly very little was asked about the Kardashian’s reality TV show. Before the lawsuit began, Kris’ lawyer Lee Hutton promised to expose the Kardashian’s TV show for the fraud it has always been.

In another odd move, Kris Humphries did not show up to the deposition. Before Kim was questioned, Lee Hutton had demanded that it was Kris’ right to attend the Tuesday meeting.

Kim Kardashian, now pregnant with Kanye West’s child, has been attempting to get divorced for the last year-and-a-half. Kris Humphries, in the meantime, has taken every chance he can get to delay the process.

Humphries and Kardashian will meet in court on May 6 when their divorce is finally brought to trial.

Kim and Kris made millions of dollars by selling the rights for their wedding to E!, which broadcast their courting and the events leading up to the ceremony. The wedding ended with a two-hour special that ultimately ended in a quickie divorce filing.

Do you think Kim Kardashian staged her wedding in an attempt to boost sagging ratings for her reality TV show? If that was the case, should Kris have known something was fishy?

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