WWE News: CM Punk Reveals Scrapped ‘WrestleMania 30’ Plans

CM Punk cuts his infamous pipebomb promo

According to CM Punk, the original WrestleMania 30 lineup was different from the one that ended up being booked for the event. As noted by Wrestling Inc, “The Straight Edge Superstar” took to Instagram on Friday night and shared a copy of the proposed match list, which revealed that he was supposed to face Triple H.

The bad blood between the pair throughout the years has been well documented, so chances are the storyline would have revolved around some of their real-life heat with each other. Of course, in the world of pro wrestling, everything is subject to change until the last minute. The match lineup on the card underwent some major changes afterward, so there’s no telling who Punk would have faced if he hadn’t walked out of the company following the 2014 Royal Rumble.

However, Punk staying with the company could have resulted in some of the other major matches not taking place at all.

The card shows that Daniel Bryan was originally set to face Sheamus, but those plans changed after Bryan got over huge with the WWE Universe and got pushed to the main event.

Triple H faced Bryan at the show, which allowed the commander of the “Yes Movement” to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Batista and Randy Orton later on that night. If Punk faced “The Game,” Bryan’s rise to the top may have taken a different path.

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According to the report, Roman Reigns was also scheduled to take on Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship. Those plans changed, however, as The Shield teamed up to defeat Kane and the New Age Outlaws in a squash match.

Kane, meanwhile, was supposed to face The Big Show, but the latter went on to become a part of the first-ever André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The only matches that stayed the same were Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker and John Cena’s encounter with Bray Wyatt.

Punk also had his own ambitions for that WrestleMania. As the Wrestling Inc report highlights, he opened up about his dream opponents for the show at the time, and Triple H wasn’t one of them.

“I think I could main event the show with Taker, a rematch. I think I could main event the show against Cena, cause of all our history there. I think if they continue on this path that they’re doing with Daniel Bryan I think me and him could main event the show. And then of course there’s that old pesky rattlesnake.”