Kylie Jenner Receives Backlash On Social Media After Photo Surfaces Of Her Wearing Twists

Theo WargoGetty Images

Kylie Jenner recently upset social media users with a recent photo that surfaced on Instagram.

According to People, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO was seen in a never-before-seen photo shoot on Friday, January 3. In the photo, which was posted initially by Jenner, she is posing for the camera wearing blond, loc twists, which were styled in two ponytails. The outlet reports that the style is common among black women.

While Jenner decided to delete the photo, many users on sites like Instagram and Twitter took notice of the makeup mogul’s photo. Jenner was accused by several non-fans of appropriating black culture for her decision to pose wearing the twists. Others also criticized the family as a whole and shared that she and her family tend to wear trends that were created by black women initially.

“She finna claim this hairstyle like they do everything that’s not theirs,” one Twitter user wrote.

“She wants to be a black woman so bad,” another user claimed.

Jenner also had several social media users that decided to stand up for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Some shared that they felt all races should be able to wear locs in their hair. Other users felt that there were more pressing matters happening in the world and that the other users of social media should focus more on those stories.

“Australia is on fire and WW3 might kick-off but people would rather talk about if Kylie Jenner is wearing braids in her hair. Honestly baffles me,” one user wrote.

“Cultural appropriation has gone way too far, imagine white people saying only they could have straight hair. Kylie Jenner getting it tight for braiding her hair, every girl in primary school used to braid their hair every summer holidays,” another user shared.

This isn’t the first time that Jenner nor a member of her famous tribe has been accused of appropriating culture. Her sister, Kendall, was recently accused of cultural appropriation for wearing cornrows on social media. Her older sister, Kim, also received backlash for her recent magazine cover. The KKW Beauty founder was accused of darkening her skin to portray a black woman for her 7 Hollywood Magazine cover shoot. In the photos, Kardashian is visibly tan, which caused an uproar on social media.

Although Jenner deleted her post, viewers are still able to find it on Instagram. Fashion photographers Luca and Alessandro Morelli left the image on their Instagram page, which they posted on New Years Day. In their caption, the brothers informed their followers that Gwen Stefani was the inspiration behind the photoshoot.

Neither Jenner nor a rep for her has commented on the social media post.