‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Teen Scene Heats Up As Joss & Dev Appear To Grow Closer

General Hospital stars Eden McCoy and Ashton Arbab.
Valerie Durant / ABC

It was only a matter of time before General Hospital would bring a little angst between the four teens on the ABC soap. Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina have been best friends for a while now. They just recently brought Dev, the Corinthos’ new houseguest, into their fold, and things have been going pretty well between the foursome. However, Dev’s feelings toward Joss have taken a turn from just friendship to something more. Things will start to heat up a bit the week of January 6, beginning on Monday, and Cam may have a problem with it.

The previews for Monday reveal that Dev and Joss are getting closer than ever. Josslyn just recently learned from Trina that Dev has more than just friendship on his mind. While Trina has a crush on the handsome young man, he seems to only have eyes for Joss. That was relayed to Josslyn and now she seems to be a bit cautious toward the boy from Turkey, but that may indeed change by the looks of things on Monday’s General Hospital.

Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that the teens will endure some heartbreak coming up in the next few weeks, but the details are a little sketchy right now.

Trina has already had Dev snub her feelings, so it stands to reason that it will be between Joss, Dev, and Cam. The preview clip showed Dev telling Joss that this year will be even better for her. They look about ready to kiss, but it’s likely that Joss will put a stop to that.

Fans have been rooting for her and Cameron to be a couple eventually, but that may not happen anytime soon. She may end up falling for Dev. If that should happen, Cameron will be quite unhappy about it.

In fact, Monday’s preview revealed the teen shouting at Trina asking her why she couldn’t have just stayed out of it. She may end up confessing to Cameron that Dev has feelings for Joss and he is upset about it. Will Joss break Cam’s heart by hooking up with Dev? Or will she break Dev’s heart?

What about Trina? General Hospital fans really love the close friendship that has developed between her and Cam. Sparks could fly between them eventually as well. However, Trina will be involved in her own storyline soon. Spoilers tease that she will have a tie to someone in Port Charles that she finds out is a relative. Some viewers have speculated that it could be Curtis Ashford, but only time will tell on who this person could be.