Camille Kostek Rocks Patriots Cheerleading Uniform In Throwback Pic On Instagram

Camille Kostek shared a new Instagram update with her fans today. It was a throwback photo from her New England Patriots cheerleading days. She was seen sporting a blue-and-red uniform.

The blonde stood with her right shoulder facing the front of the stage. She was surrounded by other cheerleaders who made two lines. Camille smiled widely and popped her left foot behind her. Her hair was swept back behind her shoulders, and she held sparkling, silver pom-poms in her hands. Considering that the other girls around her had hair flying in their faces, it appeared to be taken in the middle of a dance routine.

The outfit included a halter-style top that mimicked a bikini. The main bottom portion was made up of a bright blue fabric. The straps were red, with white piping throughout. The red portion was notably sparkly too. The bottoms were a brief-style cut with a shimmery waistband.

It was easy to see that the model was very fit when the picture was taken. In particular, her toned midriff was on full display.

She didn't seem to be wearing any accessories, save for sparkling stud earrings.

The photo was taken from a low vantage point, and Camille was seen looking into the distance to the right. They appeared to be indoors, with an elaborate black backdrop.

Although the beauty is now more known for her modeling work with Sports Illustrated, her roots are with cheerleading.

Fans took to the comments section to send their compliments.

"OMG I am living for this right now!!!!! IS THERE ANYTHING SHE CANT DO u rock girl," gushed a follower.

"Go Pats! Miss the days when you were cheering. Those were some prime football years," wrote an admirer.

"Your smile is infectious!! You are such a positive role model. Keep doing what your [sic] doing girl," expressed a fan.

Plus, the model popped in to answer a fan's question.

"What was your last season as Patriots cheerleader?" asked a fourth Instagram user.

"2015! my last game was SB XLIX," said Camille.

Others asked if that's how she met Rob Gronkowski, her current fiancé.

In addition, the bombshell shared another throwback photo to her cheering days on September 22. In that post, she was seen in a more high-resolution photo. Her outfit was navy blue, and the top was a long-sleeved crop top. There was red piping and sparkling, silver accents throughout. Camille wore white boots again, and was seen smiling for a huge crowd with her silver pom-poms.

The photo was taken on a sunny day, with the light making her skin glow.