Yovanna Ventura Crouches In A Bikini While Washing A Car

Yovanna Ventura wears a black dress.
Brian Ach / Getty Images

Yovanna Ventura posted a new Instagram photo to her feed today. She was seen crouching in a bikini while washing a car. The photo was in black-and-white.

The stunner’s swimsuit popped in the photo, thanks to its shimmery fabric, which was made of sequins. The top had thick straps and a classic, sports-bra style cut. Meanwhile, the bottoms had a high-rise back. She paired the look with an eye-catching pair of shoes. These featured straps that wrapped around her legs, all the way up to her upper thighs.

Yovanna posed with her knees open slightly. She managed to balance on her heels while placing her right hand, which was covered in a glove, on the car’s wheel in front of her. Meanwhile, she held a hose with her other hand, which she used to douse the tire. This pose left her derriere on full display.

The beauty glanced over to her left and had a pouty expression on her face. She sported her hair down and slicked back behind her shoulders. Her locks appeared to be wet. Her makeup was hard to discern, although it looked like she wore dark liner on her lower lids. Beside her was a soapy bucket.

The car was a McLaren, which is a high-end sports car. This was evident thanks to one of the tagged accounts, which included their Charlotte, North Carolina dealership. Besides that, however, it was hard to know the model, since the picture was zoomed in on one side of the car.

She tagged six more accounts to the picture, with people ranging from her stylist to a swimsuit designer, Ilde Goncalves. It would seem that Yovanna was wearing one of their pieces.

Fans headed to the comments section to leave their compliments for Yovanna.

“Yaasss!! I’m here for this,” exclaimed an admirer.

“Can’t wait to see the colors,” wrote a follower, seemingly hoping for more pictures from the shoot.

“One of the hottest pictures you’ve ever posted,” declared a fan.

“The finest woman of all time,” expressed a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the beauty posted another bikini pic on December 3. She was seen posing on her stomach in a black swimsuit. She placed her elbow on two, yellow pillows and glanced at the camera with a pouty expression. The model wore her hair slicked over in a left part and sported natural-looking makeup. There was a blurry piece of furniture that was in front of the model, which partially obscured half of her body.