January 4, 2020
FBI Raids Idaho Home Owned By 'Doomsday Cult' Step-Father Of Two Missing Children

The FBI has raided the Salem, Idaho, home of a "doomsday" cult member in order to find some clues to help find the owner -- who is believed to be connected to the disappearance of two children who have been missing since September, according to The Daily Mail.

The man who owned the house, Chad Daybell, is not only a member of the "doomsday cult," but also an author who has published around 25 books on prepping for the end of times.

His late wife, Tammy Daybell, passed away in mid-October. At the time, investigators believed that she died of natural causes, with her obituary claiming that she "passed away peacefully in her sleep."

However, authorities are now revisiting the possibility of foul play, as Daybell married Lori Vallow — the mother of the two missing children — just two weeks later. In addition, a number of mysterious deaths have surrounded the couple.

Tammy's body has even been exhumed by authorities in light of Chad Daybell's suspicious activity after her death.

Vallow was a recent recruit to the cult, which is based on preparing for what it claims is an inevitable doomsday, and she and Daybell are currently on the run.

The FBI hopes that searching Daybell's home can offer clues -- both into the whereabouts of the suspect as well as any proof that he had something to do with his late wife's death.

"What we're looking for and hoping to find, is something that would help identify if there was something that was used in her death," Sheriff Humphries said of the raid.

fbi agent looking at phone
Getty Images | Stewart F. House

The fact that Daybell and Vallow are fugitives has made the search for Vallow's two children -- Tyler Ryan, 17, and Joshua Vallow, 7 -- all the more difficult. In fact, police were not even aware that the two were missing until concerned relatives demanded a welfare check around Thanksgiving.

Police sadly believe that it is likely that the two children have been killed. If they are alive, authorities have emphasized that their lives are in serious danger.

Family member Kay Varrow Woodcock, who was once Vallow's mother-in-law, claimed that Vallow had changed since joining the cult.

"To think that within the last two years she has completely changed into a monster, I'm making an understatement," Woodcock said.

"Something happened to her. Once she got involved with that cult with Daybell, she just turned off. The person we knew just went away," she added.

Varrow and Daybell might not be the only two concerned about the end of times. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, social media has been awash with fears of the apocalypse -- with #WorldWar3 trending on Twitter -- after President Donald Trump's airstrike that targeted an Iranian commander.