Andy Grammer Describes The Emotional Talk With A Medium That Inspired His Song ‘She’d Say’

Andy Grammer's 2019 song 'She'd Say' was inspired by his mother who passed away.

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Andy Grammer's 2019 song 'She'd Say' was inspired by his mother who passed away.

Ten years ago, American singer Andy Grammer lost his mother. However, his beloved mom is still influencing his music to this day. In a recent interview with Kelly Clarkson on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Grammer explained that he had the opportunity to connect with his late mother with the help of a medium. That consultationt inspired him to write his 2019 song “She’d Say”, according to Today.

It was Grammer’s wife who set up the phone call with the medium for him. While he wasn’t sure what to expect from the conversation, he was shocked to receive a very clear message which he believed to be from his mom. In the message, she told him to write a very important song to his young daughter, Louisiana K.

“I make the call and the guy immediately goes, ‘Oh, your mom is here, Kathy right? She is very adamant she needs you to write a song from her to your daughter about everything she would say to her if she was there, because she can’t be there to say it,'” Grammer told Clarkson.

This very emotional song was included on Grammer’s album Naive. It includes sentiments that touch on love and life advice that Louisiana K.’s grandmother would have given her if she had lived.

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Today is the 11 year anniversary of my mothers passing. This year it feels especially sweet since she had her song “She’d say” come out this year. If you saw me on tour you heard the story of her telling me to write it through a medium. (I know… I know… it’s crazy) Basically I think she ordered it from heaven. I have sang about her before but this year I feel like with this song she became “Grandma Kathy” to SO many others. Each night I would have to sing it with my eyes closed because if I caught the glance of anyone in the crowd with misty eyes I would choke up and stop singing. I LOVE YOU MOM AND HOPE I DID YOUR SONG JUSTICE. Thank you to @theladysmithblackmambazo for making it so incredibly special. If you had any kind of unique experience at all with this song, or just with someone who has passed please share it in the comments. Today I will be thinking of her intensely and would love to read your stories. To anyone who has lost a loved one I’m with you, grieving, laughing, and overcome with awe and wonder of the unknown as well. Love you mom

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“She’d say, ‘You are so much stronger than you even think you are. Let your heart, let your heart lead the way.’ That’s what she’d say,” reads some of the lyrics of the touching song.

Grammer went on to tell Clarkson that even though his mother is no longer physically with him here on Earth, he really believes she’s able to still be a part of his life even from heaven, and that this song was all her idea.

“I think if you’ve lost anyone, I’m pretty sure they see everything, honestly. And I also think they can order songs,” he said.

Clarkson couldn’t help but break down in tears by the emotional story.

Grammer also made a music video for the song which was released on August 16, 2019. It was very well-received and currently sits at over 3 million views on YouTube. He married his wife, Aijia Lise, in 2012 and the pair are expected to welcome a second daughter in the early months of this year.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, many people remember Grammer for his 2014 super-catchy smash hit song “Honey I’m Good” which topped charts and skyrocketed him to fame.