Kaley Cuoco Talks About Raising Kids With Karl Cook After Revealing How They Treat Dogs Differently

Treva Bowdoin

Kaley Cuoco thinks she and husband Karl Cook will have totally different parenting styles when they have kids. On Friday, The Big Bang Theory star uploaded the latest episode of her morning show, A Cup of Cuoco, to Instagram TV. Her main topic of discussion was how one of her beloved pit bulls, Blueberry, has been leaving unpleasant surprises all over her condo. However, while talking about how she and Karl treat their dogs, Kaley also touched on what the couple might be like as parents.

Kaley spent much of the six-minute-long episode of A Cup of Cuoco complaining about Blueberry pooping and peeing inside the condo where she and Karl are temporarily staying. Kaley pondered whether Blueberry's behavior might have something to do with the way Karl treats the cuddly canine. She revealed that Blueberry lives primarily at Karl's ranch, where she's allowed to do pretty much whatever she wants.

According to Kaley, Karl sees Blueberry as "the golden child of the universe," and she said that the dog "can do no wrong" in her husband's eyes. Kaley explained that she's not quite as lenient when it comes to Blueberry's behavior, and the pampered pooch doesn't seem to understand why her "mommy" reacts to her canine antics so differently.

"She's just kind of like, 'Dad doesn't care. Why is mommy looking so scary right now?'" Kaley said while imagining what goes on in Blueberry's head.

"Is this a view into the future of what our kids would be like, or how we would raise kids?" Kaley said.

The actress revealed that she believes how people treat their pets is "a little window" into what they'll be like as parents. Because of this, she suggested that Karl will be a more permissive parent, while she'll be the authoritative one who has to say "no" to their children's questionable requests.

"Karl's definitely going to be the one ⁠— when we have a 6-month-old, he's going to be like, 'She can ride the pony. She's fine. She's fine,'" Kaley said. "And I'll be like, 'Oh dear god! Get down from there.' I can see it. I can feel it."

After making her parenting prediction, Kaley made sure to inform her fans that she and Karl aren't about to become parents.

"Everybody calm down. I'm not pregnant." Kaley remarked. "I'm just thinking ahead."

Kaley's A Cup of Cuoco show is proving to be a hit with her Instagram followers, who flooded the comments section of her latest video with praise.

"Lol. I can't wait to hear these if/when you have kids," wrote one fan.

"I look forward to these way too much," another admirer remarked.

"Love my morning cup of Cuoco!" gushed a third fan.

However, one of Kaley's famous followers didn't give her show a rave review. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her ex-boyfriend and former co-star on The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki, jokingly remarked that he "kinda enjoyed the absence" when Kaley took a short break from filming her show.