A Woman Is Suing Her Psychic After Paying $70,000 For An Exorcism

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A Massachusetts woman is suing her former psychic after giving the medium over $70,000, reports AP News. Tracy Milanovich, who ran Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader, told the woman that her daughter was possessed by demonic spirits and charged the hefty fee for exorcising services.

According to NBC Boston, Milanovich frightened the victim by telling her that her 10-year-old child was “dead in God’s eyes” and had “something inside of her that was bad.” The fee for the exorcism was needed so that Milanovich could “purchase her daughter’s soul back.”

The psychic then claimed that she would trap the spirit of a demon inside of a Barbie doll, allowing her daughter to continue living as a normal girl.

Furthering her scam, Milanovich claimed that the first exorcism did not work fully and that she had “only cleaned half of her daughter,” requiring even more money. Once the exorcism was completed, Milanovich then threatened the woman, claiming that if she told anyone about the hefty payment, the demonic spirits would return to her child.

In order to pay the exorbitant sum, the victim turned to friends to help cover the costs. All in all, it was estimated that she borrowed as much as $30,000 from pals in order to pay for the service. The woman also went to the bank to take out a personal loan. In addition to the hefty price tag, Milanovich also asked the woman to buy household items, such as sheets and towels.

For the exorcism itself, Milanovich also required Bounty brand paper towels, a Barbie doll, a white trash bag, a sonogram photo and a picture of her daughter.

The woman first contacted the police in mid-December after feeling as if she had been swindled, and the medium was arrested on December 27. She has been charged with obtaining property by trick, along with larceny and witness intimidation.

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On Milanovich’s website, she bragged about her other-worldly talents.

“I am a natural born gifted clairvoyant and life coach,” she wrote. “I specialize in guiding people to find their spiritual path, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment. May your life be filled with love.”

She claimed that her talents included tarot card readings, full life readings, spiritual healing, and psychic readings.

Police said that any other members of the public who have been scammed by Ms. Milanovich should contact them.

Though many look at psychics with skepticism, the business nevertheless keeps growing. For example, television psychic Tyler Henry claimed that he had communicated with the late Michael Jackson, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.