January 4, 2020
Florida Man Accused Of Breaking Into Home, Sucking Victim's Toes

A Florida man is accused of breaking into a home so he could suck the victim's toes, Tampa Bay's WTVT reports. The incident happened on Christmas Eve but is only now being publicized by local media.

Manatee County police say that a homeowner was sound asleep in his Bradenton home when he was awoken by a stranger sucking on his toes. The victim, likely believing a burglary was in process, told the suspect he didn't have any money. The suspect allegedly stated that he wasn't there for money, but rather, that he was "there to suck toes."

The victim began fighting back, landing a few punches against the suspect even as the suspect allegedly tried to fondle the victim's genitals. What's more, the victim claims that the suspect said he had a gun; however, no evidence of a gun was found.

The victim managed to chase the suspect out of his house, landing punches as he did so, and then ran inside to call 911. The suspect then allegedly walked back up to the house and punched out a window, followed by allegedly jumping up and down on the victim's car to break the glass on the vehicle's front window, before fleeing on foot.

broken window glass
Pixabay | bardjudith

Authorities used a K9 to attempt to track the suspect but were unsuccessful. Authorities also took DNA samples from the scene. The case is currently under investigation, say police.

According to The Smoking Gun, The intruder was a black male between the ages of 20 and 25, bald, about 5' 11" in height, and approximately 160 pounds. The victim said that he hurt his hands during his fight with the assailant.

The victim said that the burglar caused an excess of $1000 in damages to the residence and to his car.

Police have categorized this incident as a felony burglary with assault and battery, as well as felony criminal mischief.

Although this may seem like an exceptionally specific and, thus, unique crime, something like this has happened before, only in California rather than Florida.

As The New York Post reported at the time, back in February a court convicted Richard Michael Parkhurst, 29, of one felony burglary count, one count of peering into an inhabited building, and two counts of indecent exposure following a 2017 incident in which he exposed himself to a woman in a park and broke into another woman's home and attempted to suck her toes just hours later. Further, the next day he allegedly peeped into occupied homes and then attempted to fondle himself in front of a female guard while in jail.