'The Bachelor' Spoilers From Reality Steve Break Down Peter Weber & Hannah Brown Premiere Scoop

The Bachelor spoilers for Peter Weber's premiere indicate that Hannah Brown's appearance will have viewers buzzing. ABC has made no secret of the fact that Hannah surprises Peter by showing up, but now blogger Reality Steve is breaking down exactly what transpires between the two during these early days of filming, and it sounds like it'll be crazy.

On Saturday morning, Reality Steve did an Instagram live video to share all of The Bachelor spoilers from the premiere. Every season, he manages to see the premiere ahead of time, and this time it's a doozy. He had teased fans ahead of this live session that Hannah's appearance will be more serious and impactful than he had anticipated, and it's clear that is definitely the case.

Reality Steve's spoilers from The Bachelor premiere detail that when Hannah steps out of the limousine on the first night of filming, she gives Peter his pilot wings back and tells him to go find his co-pilot. Viewers will see, however, that both Peter and Hannah are flustered and emotional by this encounter, seemingly with some second-guessing and perhaps regrets occupying both of their minds.

In recent interviews, Peter has admitted that a part of him had wanted Hannah to join his season, and it sounds as if all that chemistry the two had comes rushing right back to the two of them.

Peter will mention Hannah's appearance as he gives a toast at the beginning of the cocktail party, and Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Peter gets a bit choked up talking about her.

Hannah is brought back later in the premiere to emcee a group date, and things will get intense. The Bachelor spoilers break down that Hannah will give a bit of a recap of her intimate experiences with Peter in the windmill during her season and then tell the ladies they'll be sharing their own stories during the group date.

Before things get that far, however, Peter and Hannah step away and have an emotional talk. Reality Steve says that Hannah will be crying and Peter will ask if she had regrets about eliminating him and then later asking out Tyler Cameron. He'll also note that it rattled him when she ended up moving to Los Angeles and choosing a place that is only about 20 minutes from where he lives.

Peter apparently does ask Hannah if she'll consider joining his season. In response, she cries as she says maybe but notes that it's a lot to think about. He also says that he was sure it would've been him at the end, and The Bachelor spoilers reveal that she'll say she had intended for it to be Peter and Jed Wyatt as the final two.

The new Bachelor star will also tell Hannah that as he watched her during the finale, he told his aunt that if she had asked him to give their romance another try, he'd have been 100 percent up for it. However, she asked out Tyler instead, and Peter's heart sank.

Right about here is where Monday's episode will end. Once Hannah and Peter's talk ends early in Episode 2, The Bachelor spoilers indicate that she doesn't appear again the rest of the season.

Peter claims that nobody will find out how his season ends, and fans are wondering if Hannah might somehow figure into what happens. At this point, Reality Steve's spoilers note that as far as he knows right now, that isn't the case. However, he knows that viewers will wonder about the possibility after watching the premiere, and he isn't exactly ruling it out himself.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that Monday's premiere will be unlike anything fans have seen before, and Reality Steve confirms that the show will actually live up to that hype. Are things really over between Peter and Hannah? It sounds as if the answer to that question remains somewhat unknown at this point.