Blond Bombshell Daisy Keech Looks Like A Goddess In The Sunlight, Poses In A Garden

Daisy Keech poses for a selfie while wearing a red bikini
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Instagram hottie Daisy Keech stunned her 2.2 million followers with a new photo on Friday afternoon.

In this most recent share, the model wore a casual white tank top from Fashion Nova, faded blue denim jeans, and a paisley pink bandana. She stood next to a flower garden with one bright rosy bud, in bloom, near her face.

Daisy’s top rode up her waist, leaving several inches of bare skin visible between the hemline and the waistband of her pants. She looked serenely into the camera lens, her long blond hair restrained by the bandana, although two tendrils remained free to frame her angelic facial features.

The American model neglected to add accessories to her look. Since she is shown outdoors near a garden, it makes sense that she would want to maintain a casual appearance, sans jewelry. However, she did apply some makeup. Daisy touched up her lashes with a light layer of mascara and added a subtle tint to her parted lips. Her nails are freshly manicured and painted a pale shade of pink.

It’s not evident if Daisy is located at her own home in this snapshot, but it is likely. There is a gardening hose visible in the background, and the yard is covered in shade thanks to the many trees surrounding the area.

Fans adored her casual photo and left more than 600 comments, most complimentary. In addition to a large number of comments, the blonde amassed close to 100,000 likes. Even though Daisy’s picture isn’t as revealing as those she has shared in the past, her many admirers still appreciate seeing her beauty, regardless of what she’s doing.

Many of Daisy’s followers left colorful emoji in her comments section. The most common emoji on display were hearts, heart-eyes, and flowers. Several people joked about only wanting “daisies” in their garden, since it’s befitting of the model’s name.

“You’re the only daisy I f*ck with,” wrote one admirer.

“I just wanna be the. Only Gardener of that garden,” a second fan remarked.

“[E]veryone likes a good looking daisy in the garden,” added a third person.

“Angels on Earth now? Actually so beautiful,” a fourth user quipped.

Daisy’s followers have come to expect gorgeous photos from the blond babe. She frequently updates her Instagram feed with jaw-dropping photographs from her daily life. Normally, the stunner’s snapshots veer more on the provocative side.

A couple of weeks ago, The Inquisitr reported that Daisy had shared a topless photo. At that time, she had flaunted her perky behind while wearing white undies — and nothing else.