January 4, 2020
Emily Ratajkowski Poses In A Tiny Bikini As A 14-Year-Old While Putting 'Sexiness' In Perspective

Emily Ratajkowski first showed up on the show business radar in 2013 when she danced while half nude in Robin Thicke's memorable "Blurred Lines" video. The 28-year-old beauty was happy to have been "empowered" because of her body, something she depended on since she was 14 years old, the time in which she had her picture taken in the provocative shot she posted to Instagram on Saturday.

In the image, EmRata rocked a daring bikini that allowed her enviable physique to shine. The reason the brunette beauty shared the photo of her teen self was to let her 25 million social media followers know that looking and acting sexy is not something to "worry about" at that young age.

In the caption of the post, Emily pushed the idea that others who are in their early teens should read "lots of books" while understanding that Instagram updates only illustrate a small percentage of what a person is all about.

Her latest update appeared to have been taken on the edge of an ocean. In the throwback shot, Emily wore a tiny, two-piece bathing suit that showed her considerable cleavage. The bottoms were mostly cropped out of the shot, but one side of the garment indicated she was rocking a skimpy bottom with ties at the hips.

In the image, Emily's windblown hair was worn straight and a bit messy, with a large strand trickling down the front of her face and hitting her nose as her deep brown eyes stared into the camera with confidence. As she posed, EmRata appeared to be wearing minimal makeup, with nude-colored lips that were slightly parted. She held her arms behind her back, causing her taut tummy and diminutive waist to be featured.

Emily's post was immediately popular, with more than 868,000 people among her 25 million followers putting a "like" on the update within an hour of it going live. In addition, 6,000-plus social media users wrote on the post. Some used emoji -- including the symbols for hanging tongues, clapping hands, red hearts, and crying-laughing faces -- while others used their words to say how they were feeling.

"Queen of inspiration," stated one admirer.

"The first post I can say that actually changed my perception of beauty in just reading a small paragraph," said a second fan.

"Funny that she is showing her body all the time and then she is sad that everybody reduces her to her body. Not very intelligent of you..." stated a third follower.

"YOU are an actual role model for girls! Thank you for your words," remarked a fourth Instagram user, who added sparkling stars and a clapping hands emoji.