Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas’ Bombshell Prompts Questions & Chaos

Marcus Coloma films as Nikolas Cassadine on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

Spoilers for General Hospital tease that Monday’s episode is not to be missed. Nina and Valentin’s wedding event was turned upside down not by her desire to expose him for lying to her, but by Nikolas busting through the door while carrying an unconscious Ava. This will surprise most people at the wedding, and the fallout begins during the January 6 show.

Just before Nina could decide whether or not to exchange vows with Valentin or shame him in front of everybody, Nikolas walked into Wyndemere. It turns out that Valentin really did throw Ava off of the balcony and he didn’t wait around to see if she survived. At the end of Friday’s show, he learned that she didn’t perish despite his efforts, and that is because Nikolas jumped into the water and saved her.

The sneak peek for Monday’s show reveals that tensions will be running high at Wyndemere after this shocker. Laura, naturally, will be beside herself to realize that her supposedly dead son is actually alive and standing in front of her. General Hospital spoilers indicate that tempers will flare as wedding guests confront one another.

The preview shows Nina angrily telling someone that she knew it was him all along. The clip doesn’t show her talking to Valentin, but it seems likely that she is exposing him for orchestrating the lies about Sasha.

The latest spoilers for General Hospital also detail that Lulu will angrily confront someone and accuse that person of having been behind everything. She is probably confronting either Valentin or Nikolas, and viewers will see the context of this allegation on Monday.

Jax will be watching much of this play out with great interest, being one of the few people there who isn’t surprised by Nik’s return.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Valentin will be quite confused. If Nina does confront him over the Sasha situation, that would certainly explain his confusion. He had not picked up on Nina’s suspicions at all and he underestimated her in this regard.

Valentin also did not figure out that Nikolas was alive. He thought he was fine in terms of the codicil by seemingly eliminating Ava, but he is about to find out that Nik is determined to take him down, Ava is still alive, and probably that Ava and Nina were coordinating efforts.

Monday’s show will also involve Nina asking Maxie for help, and spoilers for General Hospital note that Peter will be caught off-guard. Maxie will ponder where Nik has been all this time, and previous sneak peeks have shown Valentin getting into a physical altercation with Peter for some reason.

It looks as if the wedding chaos and Nikolas bombshell will carry over into the episode airing on Tuesday, January 7, and additional General Hospital spoilers about what’s ahead will emerge over the next few days. Fans have been quite anxious to see these developments come together, and it sounds as if additional bombshells should be dropping soon.