‘General Hospital’ Recap: Nina & Valentin’s Wedding Is Interrupted By A Massive Shocker

Cynthia Watros and James Patrick Stuart play Nina and Valentin on 'General Hospital'.
Matt Petit / Walt Disney Television

Spoilers for Friday’s episode of General Hospital had teased an epic show was on the way and it did not disappoint. It was time for Nina to either marry Valentin again or expose him for the Sasha charade, but a different bombshell dropped as she hesitated over what to do.

During Thursday’s show, Valentin had argued with Ava on the balcony at Wyndemere. When she didn’t crumble under his demands that she come clean about the codicil, he viciously tossed her over the balcony. General Hospital spoilers revealed that viewers would see more of Ava soon and the jaw-dropping and delicious moment came at the end of Friday’s show.

Before that moment arrived, Jax tried to talk Nina into taking a different path. He pointed out that exposing Valentin at the altar in front of everybody would surely crush Charlotte and Nina acknowledged she was worried about that. Jax encouraged Nina to just walk away rather than go down the aisle, but ultimately, she couldn’t do it.

Valentin teared up and breathed a heavy sigh of relief when Nina entered the room and walked down the aisle to meet him. She also teared up and talked about her love for him. Nina then asked Valentin if he could assure her that there were no more secrets between them, seemingly giving him one more opportunity to admit he orchestrated the Sasha scenario.

Nina did not get any kind of confession from Valentin, however. He had no idea that she had all of this figured out and he simply assured her that there were no more secrets. Before things could progress any further, with Nina having to make a difficult decision about whether or not to marry him, the nuptials were interrupted.

Right at that moment, a soaking wet Nikolas walked in carrying a soaking wet and seemingly unconscious Ava. This is where Friday’s episode ended and now viewers are left hanging until Monday.

Quite a few fans speculated that Nikolas would end up saving Ava and walk in to surprise everybody at the wedding, and that’s just what he did. Nik and Ava were not exactly on good terms upon his return to Port Charles. Despite that, it looks as if he’d been hiding on Spoon Island and watching things play out and he jumped into the water to save Ava.

Before this jaw-dropping moment, Laura had been trying to figure out how Charlotte could have envisioned Nikolas, with his Cassadine ring, being her bodyguard. However, Laura didn’t seriously suspect that Nik was actually alive, even though Ava had claimed to have seen him, too.

In addition, Valentin had become somewhat suspicious that something was up, but he certainly didn’t expect Nik to walk in and reveal himself to be alive and right in Port Charles.

Viewers got to see the first seconds of everybody’s reactions as Nik walked in carrying Ava and General Hospital spoilers detail that there is a lot more to come during the week of January 6. This return rattles everybody and SheKnows Soaps teases that Valentin and Laura won’t be the only ones shaken by this moment in the episodes coming next week.