Miley Cyrus Poses With Her Legs Parted In A Familiar Ensemble That Rocks Her Toned Midriff: ‘I Am Here’

Miley Cyrus performed during the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards
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Miley Cyrus seemed to have something to say in her most recent Instagram update shared on Friday, January 3. She did so while wearing the same red pants with the cuffs turned up — and the same matching red boots — for three Instagram posts in a row.

At first, the “Wrecking Ball” singer appeared to use the outfit — which included a cropped navy blue T-shirt adorned with red lettering announcing “I am here” — to greet the new year. However, now that 2020 has been on the calendar for three days, that concept could be erroneous — or at least only part of the message the hitmaker seems eager to convey.

Last year’s annual message from the multi-talented performer came in the form of an EP called She Is Coming, which included her goodbye anthem to ex Liam Hemsworth called “Slide Away.” Perhaps her latest effort has already arrived. Or, at least, the concept is “here.”

That concept could very well turn into a collaboration with any number of artists, with the most likely candidate being her current beau, Cody Simpson, according to Bustle.

The source announced that She Is Coming is reportedly the first of three different EPs, each including six songs. Those plans, which may have been waylaid due to Miley’s vocal chord surgery and tonsillitis hospitalization this past fall, are apparently still on her very active radar.

In Friday’s social media post, the persistent Instagram user sat on top of black tile grouted in white as she placed her hands between her legs. Miley wore her blond hair, endowed with sparse bangs, down and around her shoulders. Her look included plenty of bling, including hoop earrings, a watch, a number of bracelets, and copious rings. She also added a black belt with a massive buckle to her red pants. She rocked two necklaces just below the top of the “I Am Here” t-shirt.

Miley’s face was full of makeup. The application included darkened and groomed eyebrows, smoky eyeshadow, exaggerated cat-eye eyeliner, an abundance of mascara or perhaps false eyelashes, contouring, blush, and nude-colored lips. Her lips were partially parted as she stared into the camera.

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sis cant be bothered with captions in 2020

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Meanwhile, as she posts curious updates that resemble each other, the former Hannah Montana television star keeps her 102 million Instagram followers interested in what will come next.

Her current post inspired her followers to press “like” more than 556,000 times within two hours of going live. In the same timeframe, 3,600-plus comments were placed on the post, with some fans simply offering up emoji, including red hearts, red exclamation points, lightning bolts, black hearts and fire.

Other followers wrote about how they felt.

“I’m soooo ready for this era,” stated one fan, who added three fire emoji.

“Sis ye we get it you are here so drop the bad karma,” added a second Instagram user, who added a thumbs-up emoji and a smiley face emoji.