Sommer Ray Tells Her Fitness Story While Working Out In A Skimpy Two-Piece Outfit

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Sommer Ray regularly shows her 23.5 million Instagram followers how she stays in such fine shape. On the first day of the new year, the fitness model took to the social media platform to illustrate how strong she is by pushing a man more than twice her size across a gym floor using only her brute force.

However, that was just one of the ways in which Sommer works out. In her most recent post, the 23-year-old go-getter uploaded a video that quickly and succinctly told her fitness story while introducing her new mobile app. She did this as she worked out on various gym apparatuses such as a treadmill and various types of barbells. While she spoke and exercised, the hard worker put her enviable booty on display as she rocked a two-piece ensemble that also featured a crop top that left her taut and toned stomach bare.

When discussing her background, Sommer started at the beginning of that journey. She said she got hooked on working out when she was really little because she was “a daddy’s girl” who wanted to be with her father as much as possible. That meant joining him in their gym, located in the basement of their house, to accompany the veteran bodybuilder as he went through his ritualistic paces.

“That’s when I found my love for fitness,” she said.

Sommer stated that her fans seemed to constantly be asking her to give them ways to work out. Because of that, she responded by coming up with her new app plan, which was aptly called Sommerfit.

“I want [my fans] to have a good foundation [for getting fit],” she explained.

Sommer’s most recent update seemed to immediately delight many of her 23.6 million Instagram followers. More than 77,000 people pressed “like” on the post while 570-plus social media users wrote about how they felt about the fitness star and her new app within half an hour of her post going live.

Some simply added emoji — including fire, a wilted flower, red lip prints, double pink hearts, red hearts, and goats. Meanwhile, others used their words to express their feelings about Sommer, as well as talk about her latest endeavor.

“GIRL YOU SMASHED IT,” stated one follower, who added three fire emoji.

“Yes I love this workout thank you so much,” commented an Instagram user, who added a red heart emoji.

“Can you be my workout buddy please?” begged a third admirer.

“I am your big fan! Pleaseeee love uuuu u are my inspo everyday to train,” said a fourth fan, who trailed their comment with a red heart emoji.