WWE News: Two Longtime Superstars Had Major Streaks Broken In 2019

These former world champions may be coming to the end of their careers.

Big Show and John Cena face off in the ring.

These former world champions may be coming to the end of their careers.

2019 was a big year for many WWE superstars, but there were two longtime veterans who really didn’t have a lot to show for it. Big Show and John Cena are two multi-time champions, big names around the world, and synonymous with the sport of professional wrestling. Unfortunately, the years do keep going and people keep getting older — something that may have contributed to two huge streaks coming to an end at the close of the last year.

Streaks are fairly common in professional wrestling and they all come to an end at some point. For example, the Undertaker saw his legendary undefeated streak at WrestleMania come to an end due to Brock Lesnar. A cattle prod, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash were able to put a stop to Goldberg’s insane undefeated streak at the start of his career.

For nearly three decades, Big Show has wrestled his way through WCW, WWE, and the new formation of ECW. However, due to his other commitments and his age, Big Show had his streak of consecutive years competing in at least one match broken, as reported by Ringside News. 2019 was the first year since 2007 that Big Show did not wrestle a single match in WWE.

The last match he wrestled was on SmackDown Live on November 20, 2018, when he teamed with The Bar to face The New Day. In the entirety of 2018, Big Show only competed in four matches — the first in October and the last in November.

Big Show heads to the ring for a match.

It is not known if Big Show is ever going to wrestle again or if he’s completely done with in-ring action. Currently, he’s working on a comedy series for Netflix and another reality TV series, but he hasn’t actually come right out and said he’s retired from in-ring action.

Big Show wasn’t the only WWE superstar who had a streak end after 2019, though. John Cena also saw a longtime trend finished up for him as well.

Cena only wrestled a total of two matches in 2019 and neither of them happened to be on a pay-per-view. That ended his streak of consecutive years wrestling on a PPV at 17 as he teased appearing at TLC but it never ended up happening.

Cena and Big Show have both been huge parts of WWE for many years and their legacies will go down in history as something historic. As the years go on, all careers must come to an end and while they haven’t retired yet, it seems that they may be getting ready to say goodbye to in-ring action. With their two streaks finally over, there isn’t much keeping them in WWE. However, fans still hope to see both superstars in the ring at least once more before they retire.