Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Pleads With Nina & Laura Works On Acceptance

Cynthia Watros plays Nina Reeves on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for today’s episode suggest that this will be a jam-packed, fast-paced show. Valentin seemingly pushed Ava off the balcony at Wyndemere, and Nina is preparing for her potentially explosive nuptials to Valentin. Laura is perplexed over Charlotte’s insistence she has talked with Nikolas — and fans should see more on all of these situations with the January 3 show.

The preview for Friday’s episode shared via Twitter shows that Jax will manage to get to Nina ahead of the start of the wedding. He knows that she is planning on exposing Valentin rather than remarry him, but General Hospital spoilers hint that he may try to change her mind.

Jax certainly does not want to see Nina marry Valentin. However, when he does talk with her, he will mention how devastating her plan would be for Charlotte.

The little girl was seriously traumatized after the last wedding was interrupted. Now, if she watches Nina publicly dump her father Valentin in front of everybody instead of marrying him this time, it will surely take a significant toll.

Nina has already shown some hesitation in following through with this plan, in a large part due to her love for Charlotte. Will Jax’s cautionary words persuade her to change her mind? According to SheKnows Soaps, Jax will find himself at a loss during Friday’s show, and this is surely connected to what’s about to happen at Wyndemere.

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Nina isn’t the only person at Wyndemere who is feeling flustered. Laura knows that the person Charlotte says was claiming to be her bodyguard is Nikolas, and Charlotte insists she spoke with him in person. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Laura will continue to struggle with this, finding it difficult to know what to believe.

It looks as if Laura will talk to Lulu about this to a degree, but it’s not known yet whether she will tell Lulu that Charlotte thinks she has talked with Nikolas. Laura will tell her daughter that they have to accept something whether they like it or not, and it may be that she is talking about Charlotte imagining a connection to Nikolas rather than considering that he might still be alive.

Will Nikolas soon surprise his mother, sister and everybody else in Port Charles by showing up at Wyndemere? Fans suspect he will, and many are hoping that he will actually rescue Ava after Valentin shoved her off the balcony. General Hospital spoilers tease that Ava won’t be destroyed by a push from Valentin. Having Nik save her would probably seem like a fitting development.

Friday’s show brings a romantic moment between Willow and Chase, but that moment also likely foreshadows heartbreak ahead for Willow. Michael will tell Sasha he needs something from her and Ned will hold off on rescuing Brook Lynn from her latest round of trouble.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers share that Sam will fill Jason in on what the probation officer said and it sounds as if Diane will confirm to them that they need to separate in order for Sam to remain free. Fans have a lot to look forward to in this next episode and teasers hint that the coming week will be a wild one.