R. Kelly Was Allegedly Repeatedly Sexually Abused As A Child, According To His Ex-Wife

Singer R. Kelly leaves the Leighton Courthouse following his status hearing, in relation to the sex abuse allegations made against him, on May 07, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.
Nuccio DiNuzzo / Getty Images

According to several people close to the disgraced singer, R. Kelly was sexually abused as a kid while growing up. According to The Blast, both Kelly’s brothers and his ex-wife revealed the shocking details in the premiere installment of the new documentary Surviving R. Kelly: Part II.

Kelly and his two brothers, Carey and Bruce, were raised in a neighborhood near a man who reportedly went by the name Mr. Henry. Reportedly, the man became increasingly bold with them, eventually doing things like walking around with half his body exposed. Per the report, one time he supposedly pulled his penis out in front of the boys.

While the three boys escaped from that purported situation by running out of the house, they were warned not to tell anyone about it. But supposedly Kelly got the brunt of the attacks. The brothers say that the man tried to do things of a sexual nature with Kelly, and his mother called the police when she found out.

Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly said that she had heard a similar story from the singer.

One brother said that after it was revealed about Mr. Henry’s behavior, his neighbors attacked the man and beat him. Mr. Henry eventually landed in jail, but he paid the bond to get out and offered Kelly’s mother $5,000 to drop the charges against him. She reportedly took the offer, according to Kelly’s brothers.

That was not the only time that Kelly was purportedly sexually abused. He openly admitted that he was abused from age 7 until his early teens. Reportedly, after the issue with Mr. Henry was resolved, he was abused by a female family member some years later.

Kelly has been in the headlines once again as the second part of the documentary focusing on his own alleged misbehavior toward women over the years is released. The documentary focuses on the singer’s marriage to Aaliyah, who he met when she was just 12-years-old.

Kelly is facing charges for allegedly bribing an official to get a fake ID for Aaliyah so that he could marry her when she was 15-years-old, as The Inquisitr previously reported, in a secret ceremony.

Kelly’s attorney has called the allegations “ridiculous and absurd,” and the U.S. Attorney’s office has refused to comment on the allegations. However, a person purportedly familiar with the investigation confirms that the “Jane Doe” in the new charges against the singer is Aaliyah.