Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Amanda Reveals Her Stunning Past

Francis Specker / CBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Amanda and Billy grow closer when she finally feels comfortable enough to reveal stunning details from her past.

Billy (Jason Thompson) and Amanda (Mishael Morgan) have grown very close over the last several weeks. Amanda actress Mishael Morgan recently discussed her on-screen alter ego’s big storyline with Soap Opera Digest. She explained a bit about Billy and Amanda’s growing friendship.

“They are friends, but it’s more like they’re kindred spirits. Even though they live completely different lives, they have this pearl understanding of each other. Their relationship has become easy and natural,” Morgan revealed.

Slowly Billy has opened up to Amanda, but she hasn’t told him all that much. Lately, though, Amanda has been giving him bits and pieces of what has happened to her. During one of their stress-free meetings at the dive bar, Amanda confessed to Billy that she had to get a restraining order against an incredibly abusive ex, and it finally gave Billy, as well as viewers, a bit of the Hilary lookalike’s back story. However, this still doesn’t provide much insight into how Amanda and Hilary look so much alike.

“It’s such a huge step for Amanda to finally feel safe enough to tell someone else about this,” said Morgan. “It’s a testament to the relationship that she and Billy are developing that she can share this traumatic stuff that happened to her.”

Not only is Billy getting to lay out all his troubles to a sympathetic ear, but now he’s also getting to help someone instead of always being the person who needs help. For whatever reason, Billy and Amanda have really clicked, and in many ways, their relationship seems to be great for him.

However, the fact that Billy has kept everything secret from Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and has lied to her while sneaking around with Amanda indicates there are some significant issues that he has failed to address in his life and his relationship with his partner.

“Now he’s being the cheerleader, like what she’s been doing for him. This definitely brings them closer together — how much closer is the question,” Morgan teased.

Even if Billy and Amanda never take things to the next level and get physical, the emotional aspect of the affair is still devastating for Billy and Victoria. When Victoria finds out about all that went on behind her back, she will feel betrayed and blindsided. Victoria believes that things are great for the most part between her and Billy, and learning that he’s started relying on Amanda will sting.