Ariana James Celebrates Her Wedding Day By Sharing A Breathtaking Photo, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Blanchard’

Ariana James poses for a selfie
Ariana James / Instagram

Bang Energy girl Ariana James has plenty to celebrate in 2020. Yesterday, Ariana officially tied the knot with her husband in a gorgeous wedding ceremony. In celebration of the magical event, she shared a photograph of the happy couple exiting the chapel on Instagram, noting in the caption that she officially became Mrs. Blanchard on January 1, 2020.

Ariana was practically glowing in her wedding dress. The model was beaming from ear-to-ear in her photo. Her Instagram story detailed the process of creating her one-of-a-kind Gina Blanco dress, which was made with delicate floral lace appliqués. Each of them was artisanally cut and embroidered by hand and the center of every flower included glass pearls. To complete the look, Ariana wore a classic updo with a long traditional bridal veil.

Her husband wore a fitted tuxedo with a colorful boutonniere. He smiled at his gorgeous wife, clearly enamored with her.

The newlywed couple burst through the ornate church doors in a cloud of white flower petals. Ariana kept a gentle hold on her sweeping skirt and gazed upward at the shower of petals.

Surrounded by a sea of their friends and family, the Blanchards couldn’t have looked more ecstatic about the next chapter of their life. Children and adults greeted them from the crowd. Ribbons were twirled and gift baskets were kept at the ready to shower the couple in presents.

In less than an hour, Ariana’s fans managed to leave an incredible 74,300 likes and over 1,000 comments on her photo. Her 2.1 million followers gushed over the beautiful wedding and the brunette’s fairy-tale gown.

As a Spanish speaker herself, it’s not surprising that Ariana’s comments were mostly posted in her native tongue. A few people also jokingly commented that they were jealous of her husband and saddened by the fact that she is officially off the market.

“Luckiest man alive congrats to you both,” wrote one fan.

“More wedding photos please!!” begged a second admirer.

“Aww finally. Congrats beautiful,” added a third social media user.

Ariana is known for posting risqué photos of herself on her Instagram page. Just last week, the model shared a video of herself dancing provocatively in little clothing.

Still, her followers genuinely seem to care about her and are just as delighted to see a photo of the dark-haired beauty experiencing one of the best days of her life as they are seeing any of her other more revealing images.