January 2, 2020
'The Bachelorette' Winner Jordan Rodgers Shares Timing Teaser About Wedding With JoJo Fletcher

The Bachelorette lovebirds JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are ready to get married, and they have finally set a wedding date. While JoJo and Jordan have not publicly revealed the exact day they will tie the knot, he shared a big hint about it in a new Instagram post.

JoJo and Jordan have been together since she gave him her final rose during Season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016. They got engaged during the finale but have since admitted that they struggled quite a bit during the first year of their relationship. They've been on solid ground for some time now, however, and he proposed again with his own ring last August.

Jordan and JoJo aren't going to wait too long after this fresh proposal to tie the knot. They have previously said they were getting serious about wedding planning. On New Year's Day, he shared a fun teaser about just how close the couple's nuptials are.

The photo that Jordan shared in his Instagram post showed him wearing a tuxedo while JoJo was in a short, dressy ensemble. He teased that he would be in a tuxedo again while she would be in a white dress in about six months, give or take a bit -- clearly referencing their wedding day.

While Jordan didn't give away his specific wedding date in this post, he certainly narrowed down the timeframe. It sounds as if The Bachelorette stars are probably exchanging their vows midsummer or so.

JoJo also referenced her upcoming wedding date in a recent Instagram post. About a week ago, she shared a photo showing her snuggling with Jordan in their new house. She noted that the recent Christmas holiday was their first together in their new home and their last as an engaged, rather than married, couple.

It has been a long road for JoJo and Jordan, but it seems they are happier than ever and ready to take things to the next level in their relationship.

Other than these recent teasers about their upcoming wedding date, JoJo and Jordan haven't shared many specifics with The Bachelorette fans. Despite the fact that they live together in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, they have revealed that their wedding will take place in California.

Will JoJo and Jordan manage to keep their wedding date a secret until after they have tied the knot? The Bachelorette stars will likely share additional updates in the months leading up to the big day, and fans can surely expect plenty of photos and details to be revealed after the fact.