Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Blasts Donald Trump After He Says You Should Keep New Year’s Resolution Secret

David LivingstonGetty Images

For New Year’s, reporters asked Melania and Donald Trump what their New Year’s resolutions were, and the couple gave an unusual response that drew criticism from people across the Twittersphere. One of the most striking responses came from Chrissy Teigen, who lashed out at Trump with a hilarious attack.

While walking through a room at Mar-a-Lago, where the Trumps spent their New Year’s holiday, assembled reporters shouted “happy new year” and asked what the couple’s resolutions for 2020 were.

“Peace on the world,” Melania said.

“Peace is right,” the president added. “But I’m not sure you’re supposed to say a resolution out loud. I don’t want to say what my resolution is because I think we jinx it.”

Shortly after the video of the response hit the internet, Chrissy was quick to point out that there isn’t a tradition of keeping New Year’s resolutions secret. That is typically done for birthday wishes.

“That’s birthday wishes, dumb**s,” she wrote.

She also commented on Melania’s facial expressions, which rapidly went from smiling and friendly to pensive and uncomfortable as she listened to her husband weigh in on the state of the nation.

“And calibrate the robot to your left she’s going haywire,” Chrissy joked.

When someone asked what happened to the “peace tape,” Chrissy responded with laughter and said that it took her a minute to get the joke.

Others questioned what Melania meant by peace “on” the world.

In the video, the president continued on to say that his resolution was a good one and expanded on what he felt he had done for the country during his three years in office.

“I can tell you we really have a good resolution and it’s a resolution for our country. We love our country. Our country has never done better than its doing right now. We have the best unemployment numbers. We have the best employment numbers,” he said.

He added that the military had improved and he had slashed taxes.

“Our country is really the talk of the world,” he concluded.

Chrissy isn’t afraid to call out the president on her social media. In September, she clapped back at Trump for calling her “filthy-mouthed,” as The Inquisitr previously reported. The model and cookbook author was apparently on the president’s radar after he tweeted that he had passed reform even though people, such as Chrissy, had said he didn’t deserve credit.

Chrissy’s conflict with the president has gone on for years. She cheered after she was blocked by Trump in 2017.