Nienna Jade Cups Her Booty In A Scandalous Instagram Post, ‘I Can’t Believe It’s A New Year’

Nienna Jade takes a selfie
Nienna Jade / Instagram

Instagram hottie Nienna Jade posted a bold new image to ring in the new year. On January 1, she wowed her 2.6 million fans with a jaw-dropping photograph of herself wearing next to nothing. The model took a close-up shot of her curvy booty, cupping it with her bare hands to make it appear even perkier. She stared down into the camera lens from over her shoulder with her lips pursed in a sex kitten pout.

To make the photograph even sexier, Nienna wore nothing on her lower half except an almost nonexistent black thong. The fitness girl also wore a strappy yellow top of some kind, but as she’s not facing the camera, it’s hard to make out what it looks like. One of the yellow straps fanned out into multiple skinny ribbons, which fell down between the cheeks of her curvy rear end.

She adorned herself with a pair of lacy black bunny ears and pearly jewels set against her backside. Her long messy hair hung down her back in loose curls.

The photo was taken in November 2019. She posted similar images on Instagram at that time to honor her birthday. Even though the picture is older, this is the first time Nienna’s fans have seen it.

Fans went wild for the salacious photo, especially the close-up shot of her derriere. They were also overjoyed to discover that Nienna would be performing a private show on her website in celebration of 2020, as teased by her caption.

The comments section is full of peach emoji, as a playful nod at Nienna’s booty-baring picture. It did not take long for her to generate over 600 comments and close to 50,000 likes.

“Absolutely delicious cakes!!!” wrote one admirer. They added several heart-eye emoji to their comment.

“I’m excited to see what ur going to bring to 2020 I’m sure just some more unreal pics,” said a second person.

“Happy New Year mama…May it bring more joy and happiness to come!” added a third fan.

“What a PEACH!!! You’re beautiful! Happy New Year!” mentioned a fourth user.

Nienna loves presenting her followers with sexy holiday-themed photos. A couple of weeks ago, the brunette bombshell shared a revealing snap of herself rocking a racy red bra, black panties, and fishnet stockings in the spirit of Christmas. She complemented the ensemble with knee-high, red-and-white striped stockings and a Santa Claus hat.

With 2020 just beginning, fans can surely expect more sexy Instagram posts from Nienna.