Pauline Tantot Sizzles In Metallic Pink Mini Dress On Instagram

Pauline Tantot takes a selfie.
Pauline Tantot / Instagram

Pauline Tantot shared a new photo set with her Instagram fans a day ago. There were three pictures in total and they showed her rocking a metallic pink mini dress.

The outfit was skintight and eye-catching. The top of the dress featured thin straps and a loose neckline. It hugged all of the stunner’s curves. The metallic nature of the fabric meant that the light bounced off the dress in a colorful way. This included purple, which was most prominent, along with rainbow hues.

Meanwhile, Pauline wore her hair slicked back into a ponytail with her locks cascading down her upper back. Her eye makeup was notable, too, as she rocked glossy pink lipstick and shimmery eyeshadow. She accessorized with a short necklace.

The first image showed her standing by a dinner table. There were plates, a centerpiece, and a couple of lit candles on them. On the other side of the frame was a sleek, modern kitchen. Pauline raised her right hand into the air while holding her drink. She gave a flirty pout for the camera.

The second picture was very similar to the first, except that the blonde looked into the distance to her left.

And a final photo showed the model posing with her back to the camera. She leaned forward slightly and put her hands on the table. This angle allowed the bombshell to show off her booty. It also revealed that the dress featured a seam down the middle of her back with gathered accents throughout.

Fans took to the comments section to send their compliments.

“That dress looks amazing on you,” raved a follower.

“Very snazzy outfit pretty girl,” expressed an admirer.

“Great photos! You are just so very beautiful in every way hope 2020 is great to you!!! Happy New Year,” exclaimed a fan.

“How is your kitchen so tidy!!!” wondered a fourth Instagram user.

And it’s true that the counter on the left side of the frame looked clean and unused. This area was well-lit, whereas another countertop on the right side had appliances and a small Christmas tree on top.

On December 15, Pauline rocked another mini dress. This time, it was a white number with high slits. This image was taken during her Jamaica trip, while she enjoyed an outdoor patio. The model posed with her right shoulder facing the camera while she popped her knee. She glanced at the camera with her signature pout on her face and raised her left hand to her cheek for the shot.